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Apple IPHONE is no longer a mystical rumor; it exists, and its the rage for all those techie consumers out there. iphone CCK
is expected to become available from Apple and Cingular in June for the 8GB version. Its a fully multi-tasking communications device that allows the user to read a web page while downloading email in the background over Wi-Fi or EDGE. Other appealing features are its slim profile and lacks of keys that make this phone the ultimate fashion accessory. The cost of the IPHONE is remarkably high, but it is to be expected with any market entrance. Overtime prices will lower much the same way that the Motorola RAZR did. Regardless of the high price, the image of this product is so high that it will be widely accepted by consumers willing to pay the price.

Features for Apple’s IPHONE include HTML email, with Safari as the browser, 2 separated batteries, flash memory, and slide out. Key-board and touch screen on the outside. Utilizing a familiar graphic interface, and other user centric features different from most mobile phones the launch of the IPHONE today is reminiscent of January 1984 when Apple first introduced their Macintosh personal computer. There is no doubt that Apple will follow their success with the iPod by delivering a compelling, relevant, and user friendly product. Ultimately, the IPHONE is a combination of three different products: a cell phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls and an Internet communications device. The Iphone A809
will revolutionize the cell phone industry posing threats to others who have been in the industry for ages. The good news for consumers is that Apple has raised the bar which promises better products from all manufacturers.

In June, 2007, Apple’s chief executive, Steven P. Jobs, introduced the iPhone TV Phone
, which instantly became one of the most talked-about consumer products ever. Thousands of customers lined up to be the first to buy the phones, which featured computing and Wi-Fi capabilities, along with a crisp, computer-like display on an innovative touch screen. Rivals rushed phones with similar features onto the market. The new phone searches the Internet more quickly and comes with a host of new applications. But the biggest change was a sharp reduction in price. Mr. Jobs said the new IPHONE 3G, to be available in the United States through AT&T beginning on July 11, will sell for $ 199 for the 8-gigabyte model and $ 299 for a 16-gigabyte model. He said the biggest barrier to people buying the phone had been is $ 399 price-tag. As widely anticipated, the phone will run on so-called 3G wireless networks that allow much faster Internet connections than the original IPHONE. The phone, sleeker than the original, will also have built-in Global Positioning System capability to allow location-based services. It will also have a longer battery life in some cases, five hours for talking on the 3G network and 24 hours for playing music on the phone.
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