OneLife Virtual Reality 3D Glasses With Bluetooth Remote + Earbuds, Fits Smartphone Screens Up To 6 Inches

OneLife Virtual Reality 3D Glasses With Bluetooth Remote + Earbuds, Fits Smartphone Screens Up To 6 Inches

Product Description
Turn your cell phone into a virtual reality simulator with a VR headset from OneLife. Leather padding for comfort, adjustable focal distance, earbuds and remote create an immersive experience for all. Imagine exploring the Great Pyramid at Giza, scaling the world’s highest mountain peaks, or even heading off for a guided tour of the galaxy…all from the comfort of your living room. With a quality virtual reality headset, all that and more is possible. But not just any VR kit will do. Unlike some cheaper systems, your new OneLife VR headset offers a complete package for a true virtual reality experience. It includes in-ear earbuds for superior sound and a Bluetooth remote (compatible with both iOS and Android devices) to make video and gameplay hands free. Not only that, but the wide, leather-padded headset comfortably fits both kids and adults (it even fits over your regular glasses), so the whole family can get in on the fun. The focal distance is adjustable too, so kids and grownups alike will enjoy a perfect fit. • Fits cell phones with screens up to 6″ • Earbuds & Bluetooth remote included • Adjustable focal distance • Leather padded face • For use with iOS, Android & Windows phones • Adjustable straps Click “Add to Cart” to order your OneLife Virtual Reality Headset today, and pick up an extra set, too. They make great gifts for the entire family.

Price: $29.00

  • True VR Experience: Your new OneLife Virtual Reality Headset offers a unique VR experience thanks to the Bluetooth controller & earbuds. There’s no distractions to pull you out of the game or video.
  • Fits Both Kids & Adults: A turn of the dial is all it takes to change the distance between lenses, making these VR goggles easy to share among family members.
  • Comfortable For All: Soft leather padding conforms to fit any face shape, and is wide enough to accommodate prescription glasses. Plus, the adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit for the whole family.
  • Compatible With Most Smartphones: iOS, Android and Windows phones with up to 6 inches of screen real estate will easily fit inside the OneLife headset and will integrate with the remote as well.
  • Full One-Year Guarantee: We stand behind every OneLife VR headset with a no-risk one-year guarantee. If your goggles fail due to manufacturer defects, we’ll happily replace them at no cost to you.

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