Inner Landscapes – Fine Art Images (Cover Art)

Inner Landscapes – Fine Art Images (Cover Art)
(Les francophones peuvent consulter la version française du livre tout à côté de celle-ci, sur ma galerie)

I am pleased to announce the publication of "Inner Landscapes", my first book of photographic art, as well as, "Paysages intérieurs" the French version. These eBooks are offered free of charge.

They are distributed by Apple (in iBook format for Mac users) in 51 iBooks Store in the world, and by myself in PDF format for all other systems (PC, Android tablets, etc. ). Hyperlinks for downloading these books appear at the end of the text below.

Expressing visual emotions
My "Inner Landscapes" gathers digital images I created from photos taken during my travels on the roads of North America. These images are the fruit of my incessant dialogue with the world around us, with its forms, its colors, its light, its textures and the emotions it gives us to feel. There are the "visual emotions" I superimpose on my photos. It results in an improbable world, dreamed, imagined, that defies our traditional representations. Hence the title given to this book.

Special Thanks

I thank all my colleagues from Flickr for their encouragement and for the opportunity they offered me to learn over the years. You are a great community. Allow me to particularly emphasize the work of my Muse Irina Dimulescu, an acquaintance from Flickr and loyal Romanian-American friend, who helped me translate the texts for the English edition. Irina never stopped encouraging and motivating me to write this book while playing the role of the Drill Sergeant! Friendship and generosity have a name: Irina!

To download the books:
– for those using Apple hardware, get your free iBooks-format books from the iBooks Store (North America) at the following address :



For those who live outside the North America, (if the above solution does not work) visit your national iBooks Store and search for the Apple ID of the book or title.

– for all others, download the PDF books at the following address:



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