jQuery Versions

jQuery Versions
Rough distribution (v0.1) of the jQuery versions used on the Alexa top 1000 on May 6, 2010.

Sanitized data cross-referencing the logged versions and the original Alexa data (in addition to YSlow! and Google Page Speed measurements) can be found at


See full size for an animated GIF of the breakdown based on site popularity.

273 1.3.2
92 1.2.6
81 1.4.2
28 1.4.1
25 1.3.1
19 1.2.3
12 1.4
6 1.2.2

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This is WHY you don’t use FREE Website Builders

This is WHY you don’t use FREE Website Builders

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Just because it’s FREE doesn’t mean you should use it. Honestly there are other FREE website builders out there that would have worked 10x better than the GoDaddy one that was used.

On top of everything this photographers work and message was very good but the execution of the website just didn’t work. Please don’t take my feedback as being mean or harsh. Her work showcased on a better designed site would make all the difference in the world.

I will say it again, http://squarespace.com/fro is only $8 a month and if you purchase the year subscription they will give you a domain name for FREE for one year, a $12.99 value. If you are in the business of doing business you need your site to make sales.

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Celebrate the Bloom

Celebrate the Bloom
Celebrating the state’s only prairie (and the eastern-most prairie in the US), the festival includes nature explorations (i.e. bird, butterfly and wildflower walks), engaging demonstrations, local artisans and food, and musical guests. The event is produced in cooperation with 3MJC (the friends group and funding partner of Jennings). Music is presented by Lonesome No More Productions/Dennis McCurdy. celebratethebloom.wordpress.com.
starting on 2017-07-29 09:00:00

Jennings Environmental Education Center
2951 Prospect Rd.
16057 Slippery Rock
United States

Designer interface

Designer interface

In this video we want to show the interface of ClevaDesk Designer. To create new applications, you do not need any knowledge of programming. – it’s achieved by using drag and drop in your web browser. Want to know more, book the demonstration!

Front page

Using ClevaDesk API, you can create your own component and extend the functionality of the Designer. Organizations that use IBM Notes/Domino technology, can quickly draw out existing applications to Web and to mobile devices.


By ElisaRiva from Pixabay


The first thing to do when looking for the best enterprise website builder is to take advantage of templates. It is the best way to leverage the ability of a website builder. The first step is to see the templates number available. A good volume of templates shows that the community of the builder is active. The second step is the way the templates are customizable. A valuable template is the one that is easy to tailor.
Another tip about an enterprise website builder is the multimedia support. A builder must include at minimum image support along with videos or images with animation. It is also wise to make sure that the website builder support many various multimedia options. It must have the ability to use image animation, audio, video, and Flash.
The compatibility of the enterprise website builder with the user’s marketing methods is another thing to consider. If a person uses a social network to promote his or her website, there is a need to integrate the marketing methods in the website. Therefore, the builder must support these tools.
The comfort level is also another thing to consider when searching for the best enterprise website builder. Numerous website builders provide a free trial or demo area in order to enable the user to have a clear idea on its work. It is important to use this opportunity for making sure that the use of the designed builder will be comfortable. If a builder is not comfortable, the user will spend more time creating his or her website and it will be more frustrating.
An enterprise website builder enables a business to expand the base of its customers and increase potentially its sales. This way, customers can visit its website domain for making purchases or getting more information about products and services.
Many business owners spend a lot of money to pay a specialist for building a website domain for their businesses or companies. Now, it is easy to build a website without the help of an expert thanks to the website building application. The key is o choose the right website builder software. This tool enables the user to convey the right message of his or her business to the targeted people. Having the appropriate software makes it easy to create a website. The user does not need deep knowledge on coding and HTML.
Most building programs have two main features including drag and drop. These features allow the user to move texts and images easily according to the way he or she wants the website to look. Using the right application enables the user to save money and create a website that will reflect his or her wishes. The website builder gives to its user the power of deciding the final look of the website at a low cost. The user can remove or add things anytime without problem. Hiring an expert will cost money and generate unexpected problems.

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WordPress Made Super Simple – How Anyone Can Build A Professional Looking Website From Scratch: Even A Total Beginner: WordPress 2014 For The Website Beginner (Super Simple Series)

WordPress Made Super Simple – How Anyone Can Build A Professional Looking Website From Scratch: Even A Total Beginner: WordPress 2014 For The Website Beginner (Super Simple Series)

Product Description

WordPress Made Super Simple

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WordPress For Beginners: Everything You Need to Know & More…

What experts Jack Davies and Sarah Wylie teach you in this easy to understand WordPress Kindle eBook:

  • Exactly how to register your own domain – and the mistakes to avoid
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    How to Make an ECommerce Website

    Getting started on the web may seem daunting, especially for anyone who wants to start up an online store. The good news is that it’s actually rather simple design a website for eCommerce. All you need to do is to find an easy to use website builder. Wix not only offers exactly that, but many templates specifically designed for eCommerce, and guides to help you along the way. Here are a few tips on how to make a website using Wix’s website builder:

    Use Free Website Templates
    Designing a website from scratch is rather challenging, but if you know exactly what you want to do, Wix website builder has many options for you to play with. For those who are not quite sure what they want, the best place to start to make a website is with a template. The eCommerce category (in the “Create” section of Wix), is chock full of excellent templates with excellent layouts you can use for free.

    Use a Minimalist Approach
    The good point of going minimalist to make a website, especially for eCommerce, is that there are fewer items per page which increases the importance of each of those items. The more detail there is, the less weight is assigned to each element and the less likely customers are going to notice specific items. Psychologically speaking, open and minimal designs are often perceived as stylish and fashionable. Designs that are packed with details and brightly colored are often perceived as playful and low-cost. Make sure to consider your store’s products and decide which way you want to go. Even if you’re not sure, the website builder allows you to easily change and modify elements and color as you go.

    Clear Site Navigation
    Navigation is one of the key elements because you want your customers to be able to easily move through your website to find the products they want to buy. Additionally, search engines pull information from your menus about your website’s infrastructure. So your menus should be clear and legible. Each menu item should make sense as to where it leads. The menus should also be in a highly visible position on the pages of your website. Wix’s website builder makes all of this easy with the various types of menus and buttons.

    Stick to a Color Scheme
    The color scheme of your website is very important. While it is best to decide this ahead of time, Wix allows great flexibility in changing these at any time during the creation process. Minimalist color schemes usually involve 2 or 3 colors that are assigned to certain elements such as titles, headers or background. You want to have a unified, consistent look to your website so that the importance is put on the content of your shop rather than the design of the website. Pick colors that convey the message that you want to put out there. Depending upon the energy you want, you may want bold colors or gentle colors or a mix. Complimentary or contrasting colors are neither right or wrong inherently, the choice should to match your products. If you are selling old-fashioned, hand-crafted items, you may want to use softer colors. If you’re selling trendy handbags for teens, you may want to choose bright colors.

    Product Display
    To display images of your products, galleries are the best way to go. Rather than lining up a bunch of pictures on a page, galleries gives you control over the look and interface of your images. Through the gallery settings, you can easily change the spacing between images, the size of the images, the type of menus, color as well as give each image a title and description. You can design a unique and appealing display that best reflects your needs.

    Proceed to Checkout
    Last, but not least is the shopping cart. This is the heart of your website. This tool is similar to the image gallery except that you have added settings for the price for each product, currency and other details about the products. The eCommerce shopping cart is very simple to set up, but you have to upgrade to premium before activating it.

    Following this advice plus reviewing Wix’s guides will enable you to make a website for eCommerce that will meet your needs as well as be successful.

    Maria Free Website Builder I have been in the online marketing industry for over two years and love all things related to e-marketing, writing for the web, SEO and SEM. I’ve been working for a large company that specializes in web design, and love how dynamic this field is – I am constantly learning new strategies and concepts as the world of online marketing evolves.

    Archaeo-astronomy talks in July 2017

    Archaeo-astronomy talks in July 2017
    The annual archaeo-astronomy talk series in July 2017 is an introduction and update on the latest developments in archaeo-astronomy, artefact analysis, and architectural mysteries of ancient sites.
    The presentations include three slide show presentations by the author; a copy of Stoneprint; a copy of The Red Serpent of Rennes le Chateau; a colour poster of Gobekli Tepe site; and text and image files on a USB stick.
    The talks are on three Sundays in the winter holiday, July 9, 16, and 23; 9am-1pm, in Roodepoort. The booking fee is R450.00, including books and USB files in advance. Contact Edmond Furter, 011 955 6732, edmond@syrex.co.za

    The presenter, Edmond Furter, is the author of:
    2014 Mindprint, the subconscious art code. Lulu.com, USA
    2016 Stoneprint, the human code in art, buildings and cities. Four Equators Media, Johannesburg
    2015 Gobekli Tepe, between rock art and art. Expression 9. Atelier Etno (Also in the book, Rock art: Where, When, Why, to Whom. Ed. Anati, E)
    2015 Art is structural magic, not illustration. Expression 10, Dec. Atelier Etno (Also in the book: Art and religion. Ed. Anati, E)
    2015 Structural rock art analysis in the Matobo range. ASAPA conference paper
    2015 Abstract signs in art are shorthand for cultural structure. Expression 13. Atelier Etno
    2015 www.GrahamHancock.com September, Author of the Month: Gobekli Tepe reveals cultural structure
    2016 Colonial artists re-style the same characters. Expression 14, Atelier Etno
    2017 Recurrent cultural features reveal objective archetypal meaning. (In press)
    starting on 2017-07-16 09:00:00

    Postal code 1726, South Africa

    1726 Roodepoort
    South Africa

    What is ClevaDesk in short!

    What is ClevaDesk in short!

    1. ClevaDesk it`s a flexible IT-system with a set of business applications.
    2. A Designer to build IT-systems without programming
    3. And a platform for legal migration of Lotus Notes applications to the web browser

    Web-designer to build IT-systems without programming allows you to create software solutions of varying complexity directly from the web browser window. Development takes hours instead of days and weeks.

    ClevaDesk system expands IBM® Notes/Domino® capabilities and gives it new life. There is no need to think about migrating to other technologies

    Using different Databases:
    IBM Domino (NSF), MongoDB, H2, MySQL, MariaDB, and so on.


    Advanced security level.
    Deep validation settings
    Dynamic styling of forms and workspaces.

    Advanced search by any criteria.
    The history of reading and editing the document.
    Smart data import and export.

    ETL processes and integration with Jasper Report Server.
    Printing forms based on the WORD and EXCEL templates.
    Integration with Microsoft Office Online and Google Docs.

    Message Templates Designer.
    Monitoring the load of the system.
    Multi-language localization.