Offshore Web Development Services: Infinite Advantages to Businesses

Offshore software development companies have been fast on the rise. Their services have become hallmark of quality and quantity both. Thanks to the ever expanding and conversing boundaries of traditional and digital market, the need of application development services providers has been on high than ever. Conventional market needs to make their user experience a more organized and streamlined process whereas to cope up with the technical snags of WWW, application development is needed. It has become a special liking of small businesses or e-businesses which have their presence online only and require no high investments. Bigwigs of corporate world cannot do without it as to cater and fulfill the demands of online visitors which make 75 percent of customers now; they need to be online as well.

Companies have an instant liking towards offshore development providers given their reduced costs, strict adherence to quality, monitoring policies, expertise and experience of working in various industry domains. A research quoted that an offshore web development company reduces the operational cost of developing an application up to 60 to 70 percent and work burden of in-house team up to 50 percent.

They use open source programming language which also help you to reduce costs. OSS solutions are one of the specialties. They help you to streamline your business processes by structuring delivery models based on OSS such as Service Delivery Platforms, Order Management System, Service Provisioning, Trouble-ticketing; Customer Relationship Management & Data warehousing.

Providing 24/7 assistance be it technical or non-technical, they are always there to meet the exact requirements of your business. They, thus ensure that you get hassle free experience and navigation across all process of operations. With brief but precise inputs from your end can help the developers to draft the outline of application needed. For better ease and understanding, the web development services of application is divided into multiple phases.

Offering services to achieve entrepreneurial values of your business and providing it user driven approach, the offshore development providers are known resort if you want to give your business a competitive edge and in-depth value oriented specifications. They drive your business to betterment and overall effective user experience.


Daniel Jose is Software Development Services expert and has been sharing a proud association with Vcare Software Development (VSD) for long.He is working as a consultant on Offshore web development and Application development services.VSD is a name that tops the list of services and aspects related to Web development outsourcing and Software development services within your budget.

IOSS | Software Development | Open Source Web Solutions | Mobile Application Development

IOSS | Software Development | Open Source Web Solutions | Mobile Application Development

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Create Your Stunning Website With Website Builder

Create Your Stunning Website With Website Builder

Make your free website using, a free website builder. With you can create your stunning website in just minutes! It’s easy, fun & no programming skills are needed! is a free do-it-yourself website builder, that allows users to create a stunning online presence. With an intuitive drag n’ drop editor, everyone is able to create a professional and beautiful website. To get started, simply choose a website template you love, click to change anything and publish instantly.

HTML5 Drag and Drop Editor:
Creating your site is easy with the intuitive HTML5 drag and drop editor. Click on an element, drag, and then drop. All the tools you’ll need when building your site are right at your fingertips. With our drag n’ drop editor, creating a stunning website is easy and fun! All of the templates are completely customizable – just click to change anything, like images, text, layout and more. Add popular web apps, contact forms and image galleries to create a beautiful and unique online presence. No creative limits and no coding needed.

Play with the design of your site, by clicking on an element. Change the background, or select a ready made color palette and instantly transform the look of your site. Add a blog to your site with one easy click. You are now free to add posts, or change the layout of your blog. You can also add amazing galleries to showcase your stunning images. Start by selecting a gallery, and then personalize it to fit the needs of your site.

100s of free website templates:
Wix offers a huge selection of free website templates in over 70 categories. Small business owners, musicians, photographers, artists, restaurants owners, and more, can create a stunning online presence. All templates are fully customizable and packed with the latest trends and features to make you look amazing online. Start now and check out our website templates:

Mobile Optimized:
When creating your site with Wix, a mobile version of your site will automatically be generated. The optimized mobile view of your site can be edited without changing the look of your desktop website.

Domain Name Search and Domain Registration:
Use our free domain name search or connect your own custom domain to create a site that’s completely your own. Upgrade to one of our fully packed Premium plans and get your own website address in just a few simple clicks. Purchase your domain name with and manage all your web related activities in one place.

Online Store:
Wix makes it easy to create your online store, and start selling. With a few simple clicks you can get your store up and running in no time. No more hassle. Manage your store’s orders, and products all in one place. Give your customers the best experience possible, and keep them coming back for more with the ecommerce solution. Adding product images, descriptions, and prices is painless. Add as many products as you want, and sort your products into collections to make it easy for you to manage your store.

Wix App Market:
The Wix Editor has a built in App Market that offers 100s of popular add ons for free. Add Google Calendars, maps, music players, social feeds, forms, flash elements and so much more to your Wix site with just a click of a button. No downloading needed! Send stunning newsletters to your customers. The easiest way to get in touch with your site’s visitors, and send them beautiful newsletters. This is a great way to engage with your clients.

Dedicated Support:
Have a question? We’re here to help. We have a dedicated support team here to answer your every question, or concern. Or check out the Learning Center for amazing tutorials.

Start today!

What is Joomla? Learn about the Joomla! Application

What is Joomla? Learn about the Joomla! Application
Download Joomla!

Joomla is one of the worlds most popular CMS platforms

Since 2006, it has been downloaded more than 30 million times with a new download every 2.5 seconds.

Joomla holds a unique place in the Open Source community being the only non-corporate backed, community driven CMS platform in the world.

Joomla also implements modern programming standards using Object Oriented Programming and wrapping things up with a strong MVC design pattern. has seen fast-paced growth since it’s beginnings in 2006 and now hosts more than 7.5 million visitors on it’s websites.

The Joomla CMS is one of the most widely translated CMS’s with 64 languages currently supported.

Joomla has won numours awards and has one of the most active Open Source communities with it’s own community magazine, featuring over 465 articles published in the last two years and hundreds of thousands topics, posts and members in its forum.

From 2006 to 2011 there were 111 JoomlaDay events held in 34 countries, on 6 continents.

Once you start with Joomla!, you can extend it with one or several of the over 9400 extensions available from the Joomla!® community

Seeing how about 2.8% of the entire internet runs Joomla! chances are some of the sites you visit everyday are runned by this powerful platform.

So what are you waiting for? Go to for more information and to get started!

Links in the video:

Video link:

Wix Review: Pros and Cons of the Website Builder

Wix Review: Pros and Cons of the Website Builder

Find a more detailed Wix review here:
To try Wix for free, click here:

This video shows you the strengths and weaknesses of the HTML5 Wix website builder.

0:44 The website editor
1:16 Adding elements
2:04 Navigation
2:32 Layout & Design
3:16 Wix App Market
3:32 Wix Mobile Website
4:08 Conclusion

If you have any further questions please leave a comment!

Google Webmaster Tools logo

Google Webmaster Tools logo
By Kinologik on 2010-04-12 19:09:10

Joomla Core Extensions

Joomla Core Extensions
By on 2012-01-24 00:03:31

Google Translator Toolkit

Google is moving too fast and is ahead of all in the search industry. There is no one who has the mettle to compete with the search giant, at least for now. What others are doing now, Google has already achieved a name in that domain. Now it is busy experimenting with the new concepts and innovations which can revolutionize the search industry and break free the flow of information across all the channels.

Over the past few months we all have noticed the new changes that Google has made in its algorithms as well as search interface. First it rolled out new features at Google Searchology, then at Google I/O the demo launch of Google Wave and now it’s Google Translation Toolkit. Google has launched its new translation toolkit which is better than its earlier translation tool and far better than the other translation services available online.

The striking feature in the new translation tool is the ability to add human touch to it. But the question arises, why a new translation method is required? Any person who has used the translation services can easily answer this question. It is primarily because the translations were quite often flawed. The tools were able to translate the word from one language to the other but many a times it was not possible to translate the meaning or the context which made the translations irrelevant.

Michael Galvez and Sanjay Bhansali of Google Translator Toolkit team sum up the tool as:

“For example, if an Arabic-speaking reader wants to translate a Wikipedia™ article into Arabic, she loads the article into Translator Toolkit, corrects the automatic translation, and clicks publish. By using Translator Toolkit’s bag of tools – translation search, bilingual dictionaries, and ratings, she translates and publishes the article faster and better into Arabic. The Translator Toolkit is integrated with Wikipedia, making it easy to publish translated articles. Best of all, our automatic translation system “learns” from her corrections, creating a virtuous cycle that can help translate content into 47 languages, or over 98% of the world’s Internet population.”

Let us see what exactly human touch means in the new tool. To add the human touch, Google has implemented a novel concept of Translation Memories (TM). It is nothing but a database of human translations. As the user translates the sentences, the tool searches for previous translations which are similar to the new ones. If the two match, the previous ones are shown to the user which helps in saving time and also avoids unnecessary duplication of the content.

Presently, the translator toolkit is integrated with Wikipedia and Knol and supports the following formats:

• HTML (.html)
• Microsoft Word (.doc)
• OpenDocument Text (.odt)
• Plain Text (.txt)
• Rich Text (.rtf)

The translator toolkit has a clean interface with very few options which makes it quite simple to use for everyone. It also has the glossary and dictionary options which can be associated with the translation process, in case the user wants his/her own dictionary to be looked upon.

Google has always stood for the free flow of information and has believed in making available the world information accessible to each and every person. The new translation tool is definitely going to transform the language translation process and with the growth of global translation memories, it may even provide near-to-human quality translation to the users.

I simply love the web. According to me, it’s the most happening place in the world and the best place to interact and gain knowledge. My strong attraction towards site analysis from users as well as search engines perspective made me to pursue the career in Internet Marketing. I started as SEO but now I work as an Internet Marketing Specialist in a website design company based in India specializing in website design & web development and providing these services to the clients globally.

Know More About Webmaster Tips

For most of the web workers, online programmers and many internet addicts, the environment would be a secluded room with air conditioner and an humming in the background during late night. late nights are preferred since they are silent, cool and less distraction. You need not care about the outside world while working during this time and you can just work through your magic online and just click the binary codes with the magic wand or the keyboard. In order to make your article, web content or a web page to be successful, you need to allow your mind to wander freely and have clear concentration and relaxation to think about the hypertext codes or images. since the invention of internet is new, mant people are still not aware of it and many of them don’t care about it. The end result is what they need. the websites, web pages, domains, articles, contents, links, back links, SEOs and many other web management will leave us confused from finding the web master info.

Web management will be like a piece of cake if you area computer genius with an IQ of 250. People are not born genius and hence they should make some special efforts to understand the young and much alive language of information highway. Even if you are web manager or a web master of 5 or more company websites, managing a website is a difficult task. Maintaining and diagnosing each and every one of them and finding glitches that needs to be fixed is exhausting physically, and so much more mentally. Finding the web master info is very crucial and the success of every web page and the company depends on it.

Lately there has been a lot of sprouting of websites and web pages offering a virtual meeting ground for webmasters. Like many social networking sites, this is a site where you can have forums and chat rooms. To improve the techniques and quality of ones experience on internet, you can register and participate in forums by uploading information and webmaster tips which is important to all webmasters worldwide. This is very helpful to those who are yet new to web management and webmaster job, and online workers who really need this information and tips to get the job done online, and on time.

Also gather more details on Webmaster Info and Webmaster tips.


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