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Mastering Zendesk

Mastering Zendesk

Product Description

Key Features

  • Deep dive into the functionalities of Zendesk and improve your organization’s customer services
  • Learn how to expand the capabilities of Zendesk by integrating and extending it with third-party tools
  • A master level guide that manages tickets, channels, and workflows along with advanced security features

Book Description

Zendesk is a cloud-based customer service solution that is widely used because it is easy, efficienct, flexible, and low cost. It is highly scalable and is great for organizations of all sizes. If you’re a Zendesk administrator and are looking to explore advanced-level concepts, then this book is for you.

It covers the core functionalities such as managing users, groups, and the organization, and creating and adding custom fields. You will learn how to add customized ticket channels to your account. Then, you will focus on customizing business rules and extending Zendesk with JIRA and Salesforce. Towards the end, the book emphasizes security and troubleshooting aspects as well as providing tips and tricks to create a more efficient support environment.

By the end of this book, you will be able to turn a basic Zendesk setup into a highly customized working environment.

What You Will Learn

  • Customize ticket channels such as Email, Twitter, Facebook, and Web-Widget
  • Add business rules to create a more effective and automated Zendesk environment
  • Use Zendesk apps to add more functionality to the Zendesk setup
  • Extend Zendesk with JIRA and Salesforce
  • Create custom metrics within GoodData in order to set up customized and automated reports
  • Learn how to secure and troubleshoot

    Price: $49.99

    MediaWiki Administrators’ Tutorial Guide: Install, manage, and customize your MediaWiki installation

    MediaWiki Administrators’ Tutorial Guide: Install, manage, and customize your MediaWiki installation

    Product Description
    This book covers the open-source MediaWiki wiki engine from installation and getting started through structuring your collaborative website, advanced formatting, images, multimedia, security, and managing users to backing up, restoring, and migrating your installation and creating new MediWiki templates. The author, Mizanur Rahman, is a Senior Software Engineer at ReliSource Technologies. The book has a fast-paced, friendly tutorial style and uses a fun example to teach all of MediaWiki’s key features. This book is for competent computer users who want to run MediaWiki. They should have some knowledge of HTML and have used a wiki before. No PHP knowledge is required for most of the book, although some chapters at the end include some PHP code.

    Price: $35.00

    • Used Book in Good Condition

    Ultimate 5-IN-1 Computer Repair USB Drive Hiren’s 15.2 Computer Repair Tools Ultimate Windows Password Rest and Removal Tool Windows Partition Editor Tool Plus 2 Anti-Virus Rescue Tools

    Ultimate 5-IN-1 Computer Repair USB Drive Hiren’s 15.2 Computer Repair Tools Ultimate Windows Password Rest and Removal Tool Windows Partition Editor Tool Plus 2 Anti-Virus Rescue Tools

    Product Description
    Hiren’s Boot CD 15.2: Hiren’s BootCD – All in one Dos Bootable CD which has all these utilities: Antivirus Tools, Archivers, Backup Tools, BIOS / CMOS Tools, Browsers / File Managers, Cleaners, Editors / Viewers, FileSystems Tools, Hard Disk Tools, MBR (Master Boot Record) Tools, Ms Dos Tools, Network Tools, Optimizers, Partition Tools, Password Tools, Process Tools, Recovery Tools, Registry Tools, Remote Control Tools, Security / Encryption Tools, Startup Tools, System Information Tools, Testing Tools, Tweakers, etc. This Repair & Virus Removal USB Flash Drive contains hundreds of useful utilities which many requiring some knowledge of PC repair. Because PC repair is a complex and sometimes extremely time consuming we advise you to take your time and do some research before you use a utility that you are not familiar with. Windows Password Reset Ultimate Windows Password Reset and Recovery – Hiren’s Boot Powered – Three of the best tools to reset / bypass any windows user account passwords. Unlock Your PC in Minutes. Works with all modern Windows Operating Systems. Windows 10 / 8.1 and 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista & Windows XP. Ultimate Partition Manager – Powerful hard disk partitioning tool. Partition Manager can create, copy, and resize primary and extended partitions. Includes 2 Emergency Anti-Virus and Malware Removal Live OS Tools. **Do not support Apple Mac Hardware**

    • Computer Repair USB “Best Troubleshooting and Recovery for Computers” Hiren’s BootCD, Linux and more


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    2017.04.17 – How to best organize dokuwiki

    2017.04.17 – How to best organize dokuwiki

    In this video I explain how we best organize our dokuwiki with menu buttons. Today I created over 60+ buttons to make things easier for staff and I hope that I will be able to continue with this much steam over the next several months. We are focusing on writing procedures for each and every department. This is exhausting.

    How To Download and Install 7-Zip On Windows 10/8/7

    How To Download and Install 7-Zip On Windows 10/8/7

    How to download and install the 7-zip application on your Windows device.

    Thanks to all of you!

    Thanks to all of you!
    Haven’t been around much, my apologies to all of you.

    Had a few problems with the computer a while back, (December last year!), some desperate attempts were made on my part to resurrect the beast…….mostly to no avail.

    Finally got the machine up and running although now minus the old graphics card plus the 2Gb RAM I used to have, (all failed probably due to the original power supply fault!). So now according to ‘windoze’ I have a rubbish PC and my copy of vista doesn’t run very well on it. (That’s an understatement if ever I heard one!)

    So what to do with my four year old machine, (flip, that’s ancient isn’t it?! can you imagine, four years old! I don’t keep up with the times do I? – Sarcastic chuckle), now with 1Gb memory and cr*p graphics card – easy, buy a new one…….if that was a financial option that is. I’ve never been one to throw money at my problems, (and really don’t understand people that do), so I looked around for an alternative which turned out to be Linux.
    Linux? That’s rubbish isn’t it? Just to quote something I’ve read or heard whilst going through this process. Well it wasn’t as hard or as ‘rubbish’ as I was led to believe it was going to be.

    Enter Ubuntu and what a simple process it was to install that free bit of kit. Free? Must be rubbish…..except that it isn’t. The usual arguments I’ve heard are that it doesn’t operate like ‘windoze’ or look nice like a Mac OS – Really? Would that be because it’s a different operating system? "Different", "New", can’t be doing that now can we, stuck in our ways we are old chap. It didn’t take as long as I expected to get used to a new OS and now that I’ve had it for a couple of weeks I’m afraid there’s no turning back.
    Why? Well because it runs great despite ‘windoze’ thinking I now have a cr*p PC. Fast boot-up, fast internet connectivity, multiple desktops, (which you’d never believe you’d need until you have it!), no anti-virus software required, (Really?! Oh yeah, you’d better believe it!), and just about every piece of productivity software I’ve needed is absolutely free. "Free", such a nice word.

    But how can all this come about and especially for ‘free’?
    That’d be the reasoning behind the title to this image, it’s thanks to all of you. Yeah, I know, some of you have never stumbled onto Linux or avoided it or never taken part in any of it so it can’t be thanks to all of you. How can it?
    If you bought a PC with ‘windoze’ or a mac you damn well paid for the OS too, you only have to take a look at the licensing conditions of your OS to see the restrictions imposed upon you. Not only that, but once your machine gets bogged down with all the ‘updates’ required you’re along that rocky road of stumping up more cash for a newer version of that OS when it arrives. That’s why alternatives can look so promising, especially for free and freely re-distributable. (Trying explaining that one to Mr. Gates when you’ve installed ‘windoze’ on multiple machines without double checking the software license – "Honest M’Lud, I didn’t know I was ‘stealing’ anyfing" – Ignorance is no defence of the law I’m afraid.)
    All this came about because we got stuck in that rut of buying these OS’s that promised so much, offered little and got so used to being shafted we plod on merrily. Except that some people aren’t happy with that and rewrote the ‘rules’.

    So the main thanks has to go to those people that had enough of bending over and taking it up the proverbial. All those ‘geeks’, ‘coders’, ‘software engineers’, whatever you want to call them banding together across the world and producing wonderful software like Ubuntu amongst others. I couldn’t have done it, the great thing about open source software is that no one single person had to do it either, it’s a collaboration, a joining of minds, skills, ideas, you name it all coming together to produce wonderful stuff. Humanity as a whole, not a dream but actually here.

    If you disagree with that, then that’s fair enough, after all most of us live in a ‘free’ country, don’t we(?)

    However, try explaining that to the school in Africa or some other far flung country who had several computers donated to them plus the means to run them but unfortunately no license or money to buy an expensive OS. Or the cash strapped education centre that can’t afford the license conditions, or the updates, or the new releases, or find out they’re breaking the law because someone donated a computer with an OS pre-installed, (look up your re-distributable terms again).

    Yet here is an OS that is not only free but freely distributable as well, install it on one machine, install it on many, give away copies free to anyone you know who wants it. Great isn’t it?
    But what good would it do installing these free operating systems and especially for education centres. Heck, the rest of the world are using ‘windoze’ and mac products so it’d do them no good would it? Yeah, next thing you’ll be telling me that you can’t take photographs unless you have a Canon, or maybe a Nikon helps you take photographs like no other camera can? You can’t produce a financial report unless you’re using a bona fide copy of ‘microsloth windoze office’? Perhaps we ought to give them pencils and paper…….or just perhaps the productivity tool that a computer can be with no other restrictions.

    Oh, and of course there’s me, had enough, not paying any more even if I could and loving the move to free 🙂

    The image contains some examples of the open source software out there and believe me there’s a whole world more than that available. Some links if you want to find out more:

    UBUNTU – The operating system. You can burn this to a ‘live’ CD or even a memory stick and run this first without upsetting your original configuration or OS. Try before you b…….erm you don’t have to buy it 😉

    LINUX (.com) and LINUX (uk) – For more wonderful Linux goodness.

    AUDACITY – A free audio editor that most of us have probably already stumbled upon.

    GIMP – Another one we may have heard of, pretty good package too and improving all the time. Ideal for all your photo and image editing purposes. Of course there’s not as many ‘tutorials’ as there are for ‘photoshop’, so you can carry on using your expensive, (or stolen), copy if you really must 😉

    LIBRE OFFICE – Free office tools, write, report, database, the usual stuff and for free.

    FIREFOX – Probably already heard of this one too, the free web browser.

    7 ZIP – Free data compression tool. Yep, free again.

    If you like any of that, go and let someone else know about it too!

    For some reason flickr won’t allow me to reproduce ‘free’ and so I’m stuck with an attribution licence on this image. Don’t bother attributing me, none of the logos are mine so it isn’t really my set of images.

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    Als je je computer geregeld gebruikt, merk je dat na een tijdje alles wat trager loopt.  De computer opschonen kan de snelheid van je toestel weer opdrijven. Met opschonen wordt niet het letterlijke schoonmaken bedoeld, maar een grote schoonmaak van de ‘gegevens’ op de computer. Je leert werken met het gratis programma CCleaner.   

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    SymfonyDay 2017

    SymfonyDay 2017
    SymfonyDay: torna la conferenza interamente dedicata a Symfony framework Symfony è uno dei framework PHP più apprezzati sul mercato. Il suo ecosistema di oltre 70 package ha raggiunto quota 700 milioni di download. Symfony è diventato il riferimento per quanto riguarda lo sviluppo ad alto livello con PHP e molti software open source, come Drupal, eZ Publish e phpBB hanno già iniziato ad includerlo al loro interno. Verranno presentate le best practice per lo sviluppo e verranno mostrati case study ad alto livello. Potrai imparare cose utili e interessanti da chi Symfony lo utilizza quotidianamente in diversi contesti. Il giorno prima della conferenza, il 19 Ottobre 2017, si terrà un workshop sul tema "CQRS per sviluppatori Symfony" La conferenza è organizzata da GrUSP.
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    Milano, IT