Global Ransomware Attack | Petya/NotPetya

Global Ransomware Attack | Petya/NotPetya

Not long since the WannaCry Ransomware was making headlines and now there is a new threat using EternalBlue and SMB to spread all over the world and wreck havoc. This time, the malware looks similar to the Petya Ransomware, attacking the MBR and rendering systems unbootable, and there is no killswitch.


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iolo System Mechanic – Unlimited PCs

iolo System Mechanic – Unlimited PCs

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    Personal Antivirus is Dangerous Rogue Antispyware

    Recently a friend called me in a panic. Chris was doing her daily facebook ritual when all of sudden it looked like a legitimate virus protection program started scanning her computer.  The so-called software was named Personal Antivirus and it warned Chris that her computer was infected with numerous viruses and spyware.  I admitted that I had never heard of Personal Antivirus so I decided to do some research for her.  I did not like what I found out.

    It turns out that Personal Antivirus is a dangerous rogue antispyware program. It usually makes it to your machine via a Trojan Horse. A Trojan is a file or program that  gets installed onto your computer through somewhat legitimate means but has the illicit software hiding inside ready to be unleashed on your PC.  Some examples of Trojan files could be multimedia codecs, Internet Browser Helper Objects, an image or screen saver that you download or somebody sends you via email, or many other ways.  Once Personal Antivirus installs itself on your computer it is very difficult to get rid of.

    The main characteristics of Personal Antivirus, or most rogue antispyware software, is to blast you with pop up scans of your computer and security alerts.  You will then be prompted to purchase the full version of Personal Antivirus to remove the alerts. What you need to know is that the scans are simulated, the security alerts are fake, and Personal Antivirus will protect you from nothing because it is bogus software.  Do not fall victim to this trap and pay for this software.  Some other things you may notice are that your computer will run particularly slow and you may also be prevented from visiting legitimate websites. The other particularly scary thing about spyware programs is that they can monitor Internet activity and also your keyboard input via a key logger.  With key loggers they can learn important personal data such as account numbers, passwords, addresses, etc. 

    So,if you find yourself infected with a rogue antispyware program like Personal Antivirus you must find a way to remove it ASAP. Be forewarned though that manual removal is very difficult and requires deleting files and registry entries that, if not done properly, can render your computer useless. If you have been lucky enough to not have ever been infected with Spyware then you may want to do yourself a favor and look into installing Spyware protection because without it an infection is almost inevitable. I was able to remove Personal Antivirus from my friend Chris’ computer but only with professional software designed specifically for Spyware Removal and protection and I have worked in the computer industry for over 15 years so I know my way around a PC.

    Let me finish with this thought…..Did you know that viruses are no longer the top PC threat for infection?  Over 70% of computer infections today are from spyware and not viruses, yet amazingly only 20% of Internet connected computers have any type of dedicated spyware protection.  That is a recipe for disaster.

    Find out the best way to remove Personal Antivirus by visiting Jim’s website at

    Remove Microsoft Security Essentials (Fake) ? Guides to Remove Microsoft Security Essentials (Fake)

    What is Microsoft Security Essentials (Fake)?

    Microsoft Security Essentials (Fake) is a rogue antispyware application that reports fake infections and shows false security warnings as a trick to scare you into purchase the full version of this software. After Trojans are loaded to your system, this rogue is downloaded and set up imitating Windows automatic update. This parasite is able to automatically start PC scans and show you a mass of fake security alerts titled “System hijack!”, “Spyware infection has been found!”, “Tracking software found!” or similar. Do not become a victim of cybercrime and you need to remove Microsoft Security Essentials (Fake) and all related threats from your computer immediately.

    Beware! Microsoft Security Essentials (Fake) is very dangerous:

    l  It is a corrupt anti-spyware program spread via Trojans.

    l  It shows false security alerts to scare you.

    l  It could install additional spyware to your system.

    l  It could compromise your privacy and security.

    l  It could repair its files, spread and update by itself.

    To learn how to remove Microsoft Security Essentials (Fake) from your PC, please read on…

    Method 1 Manual removal of Microsoft Security Essentials (Fake):

    To remove Microsoft Security Essentials (Fake) completely from your PC, you have to block its sites, stop and delete processes, unregister DLL files, search and delete all other related files and registry utility. Failure to use the prescription above may cause the removal termination and dramatically disorder your system. So you’d better perform it in the safe mode and do not use the Internet and other software.

    A kind warning: Though a manual Microsoft Security Essentials (Fake) removal is possible, it may permanently damage your PC if any mistakes happen during the process. Therefore, manual spyware removal is only recommended to those computer geeks who breathe and live for computers. For other users, it’s best to try an auto way.

    Method 2 Auto removal of Microsoft Security Essentials (Fake):

    The most effective way to get rid of Microsoft Security Essentials (Fake) from your PC is to download and install a reputable anti-spyware program like Best Spyware Scanner to remove Microsoft Security Essentials (Fake) and all other malware from your PC. If there is not Internet connection, you can download file to the removable disk on another good computer and transfer it to the one that has been infected. Before you try other programs, you should give Best Spyware Scanner a try, and you will be surprised!

    Best Spyware Scanner is a fantastic removal tool that can help you 100% remove Microsoft Security Essentials (Fake) andany other Spyware and all other rogue applications completely with great success and make sure all the associated threats are eliminated automatically with a few clicks

    Update Antivirus And Antispyware Regularly To Keep Your System Protected Against Computer Worms

    Distributing themselves primarily through e-mails, Internet chats and network sharing files, computer worms are basically malicious program that can spread on their own. These can transmit themselves into a large number, which is more than enough to clog networks, thus reducing the speed of various processes running on your computer. Worms exist on your computer as self-contained files that sneak into system folders, such as Windows folder.

    Therefore, for removing a worm from a computer, it is required to identify and delete the files it installed as well as the registry links that may possess some malicious intent. Running an updated antivirus program on your operating system and firewall software while using the Internet will help you in preventing worms infecting your computer.

    However, removing a computer worm is a little more complicated due to the following reasons:

    If the computer worm is active and in use, it cannot be removed.
    Several worms may activate another when they are stopped, thus making the removal difficult.
    Computer worms may confront with the system registry and might result in the crash of Windows, because they may write in malicious codes to prevent key system processes from running.
    If the worm files have infected Windows System Restore file, these can back up their own malicious files and registry entries.

    There are many antivirus scanners and malware scanners available in the market, which are able to remove worms.

    Usability of the virus removal tools

    Using a virus removal tool to safeguard your computer against a computer worm is the best way to ensure its security. Generally, an antispyware or antivirus program can be strongly functional against computer worms. But, if tech experts are to be believed, Spyware Cease is a good PC guarder and repairer for computer security and performance.


    As a technical leader, iYogi recommends to disable System Restore, if you have a doubt that there is a virus in the computer. You can do this by clicking the Start menu> My Computer icon > Properties. Next, click the System Restore tab in the window that appears. Press next to click the heading that reads “Turn off System Restore.” Click OK and close the window. This is done to stop worms from creating backups.

    In case, you are not able to fix computer issues related to computer problems on your own, you should always consult a reliable service provider.

    Kevin Smith is a computer specialist at iYogi that offers 24/7/365 remote computer help via phone, chat and e-mail and fix whatever tricky problems you are facing. You can choose from a variety of friendly and affordable plans that the company offers. The company’s Microsoft Certified Technicians provides computer worm removal over the Internet while you sit back and relax, or while you are busy with your business!

    Websense training at Architel

    Websense training at Architel
    By alexmuse on 2006-10-11 17:53:03

    Iolo System Mechanic Business

    Iolo System Mechanic Business

    Link: Iolo’s System Mechanic Business provides one of the most powerful, comprehensive, AND easy-to-use PC performance optimization products available in a single integrated toolkit. It also enables automatic regular operation or advanced administrator access for each of its 40+ features. Companies can eliminate system errors and crashes, plug security holes, and restore their PCs’ responsiveness to like-new conditions, benefiting from rapid payback and ongoing savings due to extended system life and improved employee productivity!

    Password Manager

    Password Manager

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    • The app locks automatically when the screen turns off and when you exit the app.
    • Passwords are saved in an encrypted format.
    • Password generator
    • Enter an unlimited number of passwords.
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    What Cloud Computing Providers Are Doing Regarding Security Concerns

    Every day, more and more businesses migrate from their dedicated servers to the cloud. Cloud computing attracts people because of its promise to provide scalable and relatively cheaper service.
    However, because users have less control over the constructions and operation than with infrastructure that they own regarding security of information is prevalent among cloud hosting clients. Since users share hardware and (storage) with other clients, users worry that if one user is attacked it will also affect the rest of the tenants in the cloud.
    Concerns like these, instead of being negated are being addressed by hosting companies. Software improvement is on top of their list but here are other things these companies are doing:
    They advise their clients to set up SSO
    Most hosting companies advise their clients to set up a single sign on system to ensure that users in their system are properly authenticated before they can access anything. This allows for protection of the sensitive data being passed on through the cloud.
    They recommend encryption
    The hosting companies support the fact that users will have to make sure that no sensitive information is left unprotected. Sending messages in their raw form is like luring crooks to steal your information. Hosting companies also suggest that the firewall protecting the businesses” internal network be upgraded regularly to maintain optimum protection against any leak.
    Suggest that users conduct an audit
    Since improvement is the main concern when it comes to information technology, users are encouraged to conduct an audit of services and policies so that they will always be relevant. Providing input to the hosting company will result in the creation of a more secure setup that will greatly benefit your business.
    Communication between the hosting company and the client is very vital in an industry like information technology. When both parties engage in constructive dialogue, the result always tends to lead to improvement in the cloud computing system. This will then eventually lead to coming up with something that will reassure users about security in the cloud.
    Top Hosting Center is one of the many cloud (hosting) companies that believe that the cloud has more potential and will become even better. Because Top Hosting Center is PCI compliant, clients can expect nothing but security and stability.


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