Mondelis Review-Is Mondelis A Scam?

Mondelis has created quite a buzz recently. Is this one of many internet business opportunities or is this one of many fads. This article will show you what Mondelis has on offer with products and business so you can make an informed decision. This article will also tell you what you need to know if you want to make it a success. See if the Mondelis scam holds true.

What Is Mondelis?

Mondelis is a company that combines 3 online trends and seeks to capitalize on them. These 3 social online trends are:

Social Marketing
Online Shopping
Online Games

These 3 trends are the biggest trends on the internet right now and it’s easy to see why Mondelis has decided to business in this way.

You see, Mondelis has all 3 under one roof. The social Marketing is one I’m personally interested in, they call it echo loops.

The shopping portal will allow you to receive discounts on products from big name companies like Target, Sears, AT&T etc. With the shopping portal you get paid when you refer someone to your marketplace and they make a purchase.

Mondelis has a state of the art gaming platform with big internet gaming companies jumping on board.

You can see why the potential is there, people love fast, easy, efficient and better and putting 3 of the biggest online trends achieves just that.

How You Earn

Mondelis operates as a Multilevel Marketing company so the basic premise is: You find business associates to recruit and customers to buy from you.

There are 3 levels to join at but the only option for people wanting to quit their jobs are at the premium level which will set you back $ 150 with a monthly premium subscription of $ 50.


Mondelis is MLM and MLM has a failure rate of 97%. Am I saying that you’ll fail with Mondelis? No. Am I saying That you’ll fail with Mondelis if you don’t have the right training and marketing experience? Yes.

In my opinion the Mondelis scam doesn’t exist. It takes hard work, hard work most aren’t really willing to put in for any mlm business to work.

Most come in to the network marketing industry to simply make money. It takes more than just a desire to make money in network marketing to be successful.

You have to be a leader, who takes charge and takes responsibility for your own marketing all while providing mentorship and leadership to every one underneath you.

If you have, the tenacity, are eager to learn, are willing to hold yourself accountable for manifesting your own dreams and believe in Mondelis then you can become a leader in the network marketing industry.

Would I recommend Mondelis? Only if you have the belief in the product and opportunity and most importantly belief in yourself.

Mondelis is not a scam, it takes hard work to make a network marketing business work. If you would like to take a shortcut to success and get paid today so you can build a huge downline tomorrow then I’d like to invite you to my site=> Mondelis Secrets

Go there now and find out how you can get the TRAFFIC training for FREE=>Mondelis Secrets

Six Sigma Green Belt – Mumbai – Mar 6-8, 2011

Six Sigma Green Belt – Mumbai – Mar 6-8, 2011
By examplecg on 2011-05-08 18:08:39

Plantilla para Burn Down y Tablero Kanban: Consejos para su uso en proyectos tradicionales (Spanish Edition)

Plantilla para Burn Down y Tablero Kanban: Consejos para su uso en proyectos tradicionales (Spanish Edition)

Product Description
Plantilla para generar con Microsoft Excel un Burn Down Chart y un tablero Kanban a partir de una lista de tareas, sus horas de desarrollo previstas incialmente, y la evolución de horas restantes.
Además de poder generar estos gráficos, se incluyen algunos consejos sobre su uso en proyectos de desarrollo de software tradicionales, esto es, “no ágiles”.

    CMMI-TV – Introduction to CMMI Class Overview

    CMMI-TV – Introduction to CMMI Class Overview

    You can read Jeff’s blog at: Learn more about CMMI at

    The “Introduction to CMMI” Training class is a popular 3-day CMMI Institute Course where attendees will learn about Process Improvement techniques using the CMMI. In this episode of “CMMI-TV” Jeff discusses the course overview, requirements, and recommended attendees. For more information go to

    There are three versions of CMMI:
    • CMMI for Development
    • CMMI for Acquisition
    • CMMI for Services

    This presentation is about the CMMI-DEV training course.


    The Introduction to CMMI-DEV training course is an opportunity to learn how software process improvement works, and how to improve the performance of your software or engineering organization. The 3-day class is recommended for software engineers, software developers, project managers, business analysts and line managers.

    • You are interested in improving software and engineering performance
    • You want an approach to remedy consistently late or over-budget projects
    • You are tired of working in a “hero culture”
    • You need a way to make your work sustainable or scalable

    • You intend to participate in a SCAMPI Appraisal team
    • You wish to become a CMMI Lead Appraiser

    1. We present the basic overall approach to software process improvement and engineering process improvement.
    2. We spend some time on process architecture, and the various process areas
    3. We show how they fit into your organization

    • How to play Planning Poker
    • How to use Fibonacci sequencing for your estimates
    • How to do agile program planning
    • How to perform retrospectives
    • And many other hands-on things that you’ll want to learn to participate in today’s programs using Scrum, Kanban or other methods.

    January 28-30, 2014
    Register for “Introduction to CMMI” in Chantilly

    April 8-10, 2014
    Register for “Introduction to CMMI” in Troy

    CMMI-TV is the free video series with the answers you’re looking for about Agile, CMMI and Performance Innovation. As a subscriber, you’ll be notified when we add new episodes to CMMI-TV and you’ll get links to other premium content, as well. Sign up here!

    Jeff Dalton is a Certified SCAMPI CMMI Lead Appraiser, CMMI Instructor, Scrum Master, Software Process Improvement Consultant, and author that is a recognized expert in using the Capability Maturity Model Integration and Agile methods to help improve the performance of software development organizations.

    You can read Jeff’s blog at:

    Follow Jeff on Twitter @CMMIAppraiser

    Learn more about Broadsword at:

    An Insight Into – Integrated ALM Solution

    Here is an unsettling and perhaps even problematic scenario, an enterprise that has invested in the best tools for an effective development process and has trained its workforce to master these expensive tools, yet the enterprise finds that it unable to make the most of its investments! So what is missing? An integrated application lifecycle management (ALM) tool that can provide consistent quality by integrating all the tools in the software engineering ecosystem of your enterprise is perhaps the answer to that baffling query. With such a unified system, all your silos of tools can be synchronized and there can be a considerable reduction in inconsistent information. Also such a solution would deliver enhanced business value to your customer and provide you with a comprehensive competitive advantage. The idea is to let go of those ALM solutions that live in isolation and rely on conventional broken manual procedures to synchronize data between tools and choose an integrated ALM solution for best results.

    An enterprise can gain a lot with an integrated ALM solution;

    Here are the top 5 advantages of such a solution:

    Enhancing customer satisfaction: Seamless collaboration with customers is possible owing to an integrated application lifecycle management solution which allows enterprise stakeholders and developers to understand customer needs and expectations effectively. Development activities will be aligned efficiently as per customer’s needs therefore best practice processes will be adopted throughout the lifecycle. It will provide customers with real-time updates on the progress in the different stages of application development
    Enhances overall quality: With integration, your requirements management tool helps reduce problems arising out of miscommunication. There will be a visible reduction in inconsistencies between requirements this will further enhance testing and increase the overall effectiveness of the development process. Owing to integration of your ALM tools, capturing of details during tests will be faster and strong analytics will help predict problems even before they arrive.
    Gathering actionable metrics and intelligence: Via an integrated ALM tool, enterprises can get an up to date and unfailing picture of application development projects and also avail of simple actionable intelligence which will answer all those niggling queries of knowing the cost per feature development, understanding the percent code of testing done, effectiveness of requirements analysis etc.
    Effectively managing change: With Application development change is constant and every enterprise would want application development to tide over smoothly over such changes. An integrated set of lifecycle tools will allow enterprises to gauge the effects of change efficiently. This will ensure full traceability skills and keep teams updated and will also reduce change reaction time.
    Optimized plug and play tool: An integrated set of lifecycle tools can harness the entire potential and also value of your resources and investment; therefore it is the best end to end ALM solution that can increase your ROI even as it optimizes your processes.

    Get the most out of your resources and investments, opt for an ALM solution that can offer you complete integration of your disparate tools and also ensure full traceability.

    Also read about ALM Solution at Wikipedia.

    Writing article is my hobby…………………..

    Shrimp Scampi & Linguine | Byron Talbott

    Shrimp Scampi & Linguine | Byron Talbott


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    MY WIFE:

    Induction Stove Top:
    Kitchen Tweezers:
    Microplane (Cheese Grater):
    Pasta Machine:

    1 lb Linguine (Dried or Fresh)
    1/2 lb tiger shrimp (Approx 15-17 shrimp)
    1 cup white wine (Preferably Chardonnay)
    5 tbsp butter
    5 tbsp parmesan cheese
    1 tbsp chopped garlic
    2 tsp garlic flake
    2 tbsp chopped parsley
    1 lemon (Zested & Juice)
    Salt & Pepper to taste

    Thanks for watching!!!

    CMMI for Services

    CMMI for Services

    In this webinar, Jorge Boria will discuss the newest model in the CMMI constellation: the CMMI for Services (CMMI-SVC). The CMMI-SVC allows you to rethink your process improvement program from the perspective of service delivery, service continuity, incident resolution and prevention, capacity and availability management and other proven practices that will enhance your productivity and push your business forward.

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    The IT Metrics and Productivity Institute (ITMPI) is an organization dedicated to best practices education in IT management, project management, and software development. Our mission is to pull together the expertise and educational efforts of the world’s leading IT thought leaders and to create a single online destination where IT practitioners and executives can meet all of their educational and professional development needs. We also have created the largest repository of high quality, PDU and CDU approved, online education in the world.

    Jorge Boria holds a Masters of Engineering in Computer Science from Cornell University. His deep knowledge of Capability Maturity Models serves him as the framework within which he uses his skills as experienced facilitator to lead software organizations through minimal pain change management.. He is a Certified High Maturity SCAMPI Lead Appraiser for SCAMPI A, a Team Leader for SCAMPI B and C, and an Authorized Trainer of the Introduction to the CMMI from the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of Carnegie-Mellon University. He is also a SEI Visiting Scientist, acting as Candidate Lead Appraiser Observer for the Quality Group. His interest in Agile and Lean has led to his certification as Scrum Master. He was a full professor at three universities in Argentina prior to moving to the United States. Mr. Boria is a popular presenter with over 200 conference seminars, an author of over 20 papers and articles and has two published books to his credit. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

    It Outsourcing Company Aids Businesses To Save Lot Of Money

    Internet world has given way to lot many new avenues and a new direction to traditional methods of business operations. It has made business operations fast, effective and less time consuming. IT outsourcing company is an avenue widely propagated by Internet and its existence would not have been possible without internet and its advancements.

    If you were thinking what is IT outsourcing then let me explain it to you. Outsourcing refers to sharing of work with some outside company to get the task completed on time, easily and in budget. Traditionally none core business operations were outsourced to some other company which specialized in that particular task. However in recent times we see that outsourcing companies have expanded to cover various business activities thereby giving companies an opportunity to outsource any work they want to.

    Out of the various spectrums of outsourcing, IT outsourcing occupies a prominent place. There is a tremendous increase in the number of IT outsourcing companies over the world significantly in India which is popularly known as the world outsourcing hub. Services offered by an IT outsourcing company in India include web designing, web development, ecommerce development, business application development, custom application development, custom software development, business solutions etc.

    Importance of IT outsourcing company was highlighted a couple of years back when the whole of USA declared recession. Since then to today more and more companies are outsourcing software projects. How did IT outsourcing company help? Most of the companies which outsourced software development projects to these companies were able to save a lot of money on the development cost. This helped the companies save a lot of money by paying less for the same services. In an observation it was found that most of the companies which were able to survive the storm had outsourced their IT projects to companies in India.

    IT outsourcing to India is today almost 2 decades old that is it offers experience of atleast 20 years to foreign and domestic clients. Besides this there are many other reasons which make an IT outsourcing company in India more lucrative as compared to other countries of the world. First and the most important benefit of diverting any IT project to an IT outsourcing company in India is the cost benefit.

    Cost effective and quality services are something any company can expect from IT outsourcing companies in India. Each client need is considered unique and efforts are made to ensure that the client receives the best software product. Price benefit is obvious due to difference in the foreign exchange rates between India and other countries of the world.

    IT outsourcing company in India has world class infrastructure and facilities no less then companies in foreign countries. Foreign clients are thus saved lot of money which would be otherwise spent on infrastructure development and staff training. Here they get everything ready to use for a very small amount.

    Most of the IT outsourcing companies in India emphasize on quality and quality alone. They are doing more and more to ensure quality services are delivered to clients. Many companies are also seen racing to qualify for some or the other racing qualifications like CMMi, which defines level of companys operations and its ability to deliver software development services. In fact highly skilled and educated professionals are employed by IT outsourcing company to ensure best quality services are provided in time.

    Tatvasoft is an IT outsourcing company offering web design and development services at a very low price. Quality comes assured as the company is CMMi maturity level 3 certified.

    Standard CMMI® Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI)

    Standard CMMI® Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI)

    Product Description
    The MDD and ARC are combined in this volume. It is a copy of the two pdf files, which can be downloaded from CMMI Institute’s website. These documents describe in detail the requirements and authorized tailoring for the “Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement” (SCAMPI).

    Price: $24.54

    • Standard Cmmi r Appraisal Method for Process Improvement Scampi

    CMMI-Dev V1.3 Quick Reference Guide

    CMMI-Dev V1.3 Quick Reference Guide