Get Rid of Windows 8 DLL Errors!


DLL files plays an important role in the proper working and processing of any Windows operating system and the same stands for Windows 8 also. When Windows 8 is installed, several DLL files automatically get installed in the hard drive and facilitates the proper functioning of the operating system. These DLL files are shared among several applications of Windows, so corruption or damage of any one of DLL files can make many applications unresponsive.
Many people upgrade their older operating system to the new Windows 8 as Windows 7 do have this feature. But during this process what happens is, there are several DLL files which are compatible with the earlier operating system and it get replaced with the new one which causes issue that user can’t recognize and get all error messages on their screen. In order to make Windows 8 operating system work properly, it is very important that Windows 8 DLL error should be resolved as quick as possible, otherwise situation will become worst. There are several reasons due to which DLL errors arise. Some of them include –
DLL file is corrupt.
Registry files are damage.
DLL file is missing or moved from the regular location
Due to the above possible reasons, Windows 8 DLL errors appear hence these need to be resolved.
In order to fix Windows 8 errors, you need to follow some steps as mentioned below –
If you find that DLL files have been moved or deleted from the required location, then replace the file from the system and place the fresh downloaded copy in its place.
In case the DLL file is corrupt or is damaged, then you need to delete the file and replace other copy of it to its requisite drive location.
Another important component of Windows system is it’s registry which is accessed regularly by applications or programs when it is executed. Windows Registry acts as a big storehouse of all the resources that applications need when they execute that Windows registry provide. But at times registry files corrupt due to invalid or useless entries and can affect the overall processing resulting Windows 8 Error. 
So, before Windows 8 DLL error causes any issue to the PC and its condition worsens, try to fix it as quick as possible.

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Ccna Courses -all About Windows 8

If you are a keen observer of Windows and all you are looking for after Vista and Windows 7, then here is all that you are looking for; Windows 8. For those of you who have been trying to get some info about the Windows 8 release here is what I can offer you. Due to some leaked information about Windows 8; we now have at least something to talk about. You must have some knowledge about the Windows 8 release schedule but here is what it actually stands like. The first beta version will be in market by the mid 2011, with the first public beta release by end 2011 as the final version will be launched by mid 2012.

Generally the process can be divided into three phases. First phase which is almost about to end is the logical structure or planning phase. The Windows 8 team is now keener about the bigger perspective about the themes, then the scenarios and finally end it as the individual features.

The second phase is the development phase, this phase will be the result of phase one. All that is needed to be put in Windows 8 will be given a final touch here. The features will be given coded so that they may be integrated into one single system known as Windows 8. Different programmers are working at different areas making sure that Windows 8 is released on time and with the same features that are planned for it. The process will continue till mid 2011 beta release.

Last or the third phase is the trouble shooting phase. Windows will fix all the bugs found during the Beta release versions to be prepared to launch it into the market in 2012. As per the plans the Windows is developed simultaneously with the Windows Server versions. So when Windows 8 will be in the market Windows Server 8 will also be launched.

Windows 8 will offer the advance version of features that were present in Windows 7. It will be using the Internet Explorer 9 and Windows Live Wave 5. The targeted market is the Lap PC which means the notebooks, tablets and netbooks as they will be selling more in no time. Windows is also planning to offer an application store, where you can buy or sell applications of Windows 8. Windows will also be supporting the web tailored applications. This means that they will be easy to look up and install, incorporate instantly with social services, easily scaleable with accordance to the device type the user is running and flexible license terms. So Windows 8 will have lot more to offer keep waiting and keep guessing.

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Microsoft Operating System And Applications

Over the last few years,there has been a big push for security with Microsoft operating system and applications.As with any modern
microsoft exams operating system, you will need to know how to configure file system security. This will be done with NTFS permissions, Share permissions, EFS and BitLocker. BitLocker is a new technology that can encrypt an entire drive, which will protect if a computer such as a laptop is stolen. Be sure to know when it is best to use EFS for encryption and when it is best to use BitLocker. Also know the system requirements for BitLocker.

If you have used Windows Vista, you have seen and experienced User Account Control (UAC). So you will need to know how User Account Control protects your

computer and you will need to know how to react to User Account Control prompts and if necessary, you will need to know how to disable UAC. Other tools that

help protect your computer are Windows Defender and Windows Firewall. Therefore, you will need to know how to configure those tools.
Besides the new updated interface, Windows Vista exam also included Internet Explorer (IE) 7.0. Therefore, you will

need to know how to configure IE. In addition, you will need to know how to configure Windows Media Player and Media Player Center including understanding

regions and Codecs.

As a user, you will need to use standard applications include Wordpad, Notepad, Mail, Calendar, Fax and Scan and Meeting Space. You also need to now how to

configure Windows Sidebar and its gadgets.

Lastly, you need to know the tools that are made for mobile computers. That would be including configuring Power management (power plans and hibernate,

hybrid and sleep mode), Sync center, offline folders and Windows SideShow. Lastly, you need to be familiar with how to configure Tablet PCs and how to

configure Flicks.

If you want to prepare for this exam, I would highly recommend the Exam Cram book 70-620 TS: Windows Vista, Configuring by Patrick Regan (Que Publishing),

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Windows 10 review

Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system is finally here. Windows 10 is a realization of Microsoft’s big dream to have a single Windows that runs across all its products. Does it succeed?


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The following is a list of many key features Nokia N900 has to offer.

3.5″ 65K-color resistive touchscreen of WVGA (800 x 480 pixel) resolution
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Great build quality
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However, the main flaw of Nokia N900 is that it is bit on the heavier side as it weighs 181g. It does not have video call facility. If you are FM fan then you will be disappointed as there is no FM radio application in this mobile phone, and also no MMS and voice recording facility. Its 32GB internal memory can be extended to 48GB by 16GB microSD card. So if this phone suits your expectations then log on to mobile phone related web portals and there you will find lots of Nokia N900 Deals. There will be tempting offers with lots of free gifts. You can choose the deal which suits you well.

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