Curso Integración Mac OS X en Redes PC

Curso Integración Mac OS X en Redes PC
Este curso tiene una duración de  tres dias de seis horas y hora hora de almuerzo (Miercoles, Jueves, Viernes). El mismo está enfocado para los individuos que interesa integrar computadoras Mac en redes de negocios que predominan computadoras PC ya que los servidores Windows son los mas comunes y utilizados en pequeños y grandes negocios. El curso también es útil para los usuarios que substituyen una computadora Windows por una Mac y/o para los administradores de sistema. Aprenderá todas las maneras que se puede integrar una Mac dentro del ambiente de la red de una organización, incluyendo cómo configurar su Mac para trabajar con el directorio activo, cómo aprovechar de los servicios en red, compartir archivos un computadoras PC, impresoras, mensajería inmediata, correo electrónico, hacer calendarios y contactos. Usted también aprenderá sobre seguridad de usuarios, red local y crear una red en remoto. Aprenderá sobre el manejamiento de datos. Como emigran datos de una computadora Windows así como “back up” a datos importantes en una Mac utilizando en “Time Machine” de Apple. El estudiante aprenderá cómo instalar el sistema operativo Windows directamente en su Mac, dándole compatibilidad total con los colegas que usan PC. ¿Qué usted aprenderá? Conectar una Mac al un "Directory Server de Windows" Crear cuentas en redes Compartir archivos Conexión con los archivos de  servidores compartir archivos personal Manejo de cuentas de Internet Conectar la Mac a servidores de Exchange Conectar el Mail a servidores  POP y IMAP Añadir cuentas sincronizadas al Mail, Contacts, and Calendars Protección de la integridad de sistema Rasgos de seguridad automáticos crear contraseñas utilizando el "Password assistant" Bloquear una pantalla del mac Evitar Conexión automática Utilizar el "FileVault" para proteger su disco duro Activar el "firmware password" Utilizar el "Gatekeeper" Proveer seguridad en redes Uso de antivirus Conexión de Impresoras y sus protocolos Conexión de Impresoras inalámbricas Conexión de Impresoras en redes y con computadoras Windows  via SMB/CIFS Mensajería utilizando iMessage y iOS Cuentas Jabber Comunicación en redes locales utilizando diferentes tipos de protocolos y Bonjour Transferencia de información de PC a Mac utilizando en "Migration Assistant" "Backing up data" utilizando el "Time Machine" Virtualización de Mac Instalación de Windows en a Mac utilizando el "Boot Camp" incluye repaso y vale para Examen :Mac Integration Basics Los estudiantes deben tener los siguiente conocimiento antes de asistir este curso: • Conocimiento básico de Mac OS X en habilidad y terminología • Información General Nombre Exam: Mac Integration Basics 10.11 Nombre de Certificación: Apple Certified – Mac Integration 
 10.12 tiempo limite de examen: dos hora
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Alexander: Settings change in Windows 7 causes external drive to disappear

Alexander: Settings change in Windows 7 causes external drive to disappear
Q: I think I accidentally changed something in my Windows 7 PC’s advanced settings, and now the PC’s directory can’t see my external hard drive. I can’t restore my computer to an earlier date because it can’t see the external hard drive on which I backed …
News story posted on 2017-07-25T21:18:00

What is Linux All about and Why Is It Still So Popular?

Linux, Linux and Linux!!! Where ever you go and whatever you do in the world of computer, you cannot escape from the word Linux. But what is Linux? The answer to this is very simple. Linux is just an operating system like any other, but something makes it different from the other regular operating systems. From the day of its inception, it has modified itself to such an extent that it is a powerful name in the world computing, super computers, clouds, mobile phones, consumer devices and what not.

To be precise, it is the biggest name ever in the world of computer. One just gets hooked to the world of Linux once the person is introduced to this exciting world of Linux.

The Exciting World of Linux

The first thing that comes to your mind is what makes Linux so exciting? The main reason behind the immense popularity of the Linux is that no one organisation or one individual is completely responsible for the growth, development and even ongoing support. Anyone has the right to participate in the Linux research and development.

The companies and individuals who are active participants is a part of Linux economy and this is what has resulted in unheralded innovation in the field of this software. Every day the number of the participants is increasing leaps and bounds. Linux has an incredible influence on the IT environment and ecosystem.

Popularity of Linux Platform

You may feel that Linux is little harder to deal with, but once you have the Red Hat Linux Certification, you will feel that Linux is far more flexible and gives you more configuration options. Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux Kernel, made the Linux completely free for the entire world. He also invited people to develop the Kernel and thus thousands of programmers got involved.

As the system is free and can be operated on PC platforms, the number of audience increased and it got popularity among the hardcore users and developers. Linux appeals mostly those who are comfortable with UNIX and are ready to experiment with OS. Even if you need the power to control the operating system you are using, Linux is your platform.

Linux is Everywhere

The greatest advantage of Linux is where it can be implemented. Most of the operating systems are used on personal devices like desktop and laptop or may be in mobiles, but Linux is used in all areas. Although it started as a server OS, but slowly became popular as useful desktop OS and can be used in all devices from supercomputers to wristwatches. Apart from that cloud computing is a great success for Linux’s growth. Web services on the Internet like LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, etc are completely dependent on Linux. Everyday Linux is growing and it will remain the platform that drives all the new technologies.

Not only Linux is a great platform for OS but is also a platform where the Red Hat Linux Certification ensures that the holder is appreciated in the market and earns a huge amount of salary as a System administrator.

Intel 910 Series Solid State Drive 400 GB 1.8-Inch – SSDPEDOX400G301

Intel 910 Series Solid State Drive 400 GB 1.8-Inch – SSDPEDOX400G301

Product Description
Just plug it in. PCIe-based Intel Solid-State Drive 910 Series enables a whole new way of looking at data center and cloud storage with ultimate performance, high endurance, and great flexibility. High-storage performance directly to the server CPU through the PCIe bus. At up to 2 gigabytes per second ( GB/s) sequential read and 1 GB/s sequential write bandwidth, storage throughput is increased up to 4X faster than previous Intel SATA 6 GB/s SSDs. Server CPU utilization is taken to new levels – accelerating data center virtualization, on-line transactions, and cloud computing. Servers and storage arrays become more responsive as critical data is fed faster directly to the system CPU, transferring more data in less time. High Endurance Technology (HET) for 30X increased endurance over standard-endurance SSDs. HET solution combines specially ruggedized 25nm multi-level cell (MLC) Intel NAND Flash Memory with SSD management techniques. HET MLC NAND benefits from an optimized NAND manufacturing process, circuit design, and test optimization to increase program/erase cycles beyond standard MLC Intel NAND. The controller and firmware are enhanced for less NAND wear, NAND error reduction, and system error management, resulting in an Intel data center 25nm MLC NAND storage solution providing data center storage longevity and cost-effectiveness. Advanced architecture employs Intel SSD controllers, firmware, and 25nm MLC Intel NAND Flash Memory technology to deliver extremely high throughput-dramatically outperforming 15k rpm hard disk drives (HDDs). Consumes 5X less space and 2.5X less power. Easy to install, providing a seamless, post-deployment server storage upgrade with no changes to existing server design. It’s as easy as plugging into a PCIe slot, loading drivers, and rebooting the system. HBA configuration, cabling, and hardware arrangements are eliminated. Tiered storage comes alive with extremely fast hot-file access!

Price: $292.88

  • PCIe 2.0 Form Factor; Capacity: 400 GB
  • Sequential Read Speed: Up to 1000 MB/s; Sequential Write Speed: Up to 750MB/s.
  • Latency (Read): 65 microseconds. Latency (Write): 65 microseconds.
  • Intended for RAID configuration for maximum performance (may read as 2 individual drives if not set up for RAID configuration)
  • Not a bootable drive, requires Operating System on a separate drive

5 Steps to Start your Career as Linux System Admin

Linux is the demand of the new era and as a result you must be interested to make career as Linux system admin. You may feel that making a career in Linux is difficult. To a level, you are right but it is not at all impossible to become successful as a Linux administrator. You may be apprehensive about the changing technology in Linux environment but this is the case in every arena.

To cope up you need to be really talented and skilful with the Linux.You need a good exposure in the field of Linux and this can be achieved through Linux admin training. With Linux Certification you can increase your market value.

How Linux Training Help You Have the Required Skills?

Enrolling for any courses related to Linux will ensure a hand on experience making you more comfortable while working in Linux environment. Such courses make you more confident in taking up the various exams of Linux certification courses and become a professional Linux administrator. The Linux admin training enables you to understand Linux thoroughly not only in theoretical terms but also practically.

Steps to Start

Never hesitate to make a start with Linuxadmin training. Keep your apprehensions and doubts aside and follow the five simple steps to get skilled with Linux and work comfortably in Linux environment.

1. Begin with installing Linux: Go and install the Linux in your own device. You may feel dragged to work in other operating system as it makes your work easy and save time but stay out of it. Try continue working in Linux open operating system and soon you will feel the difference. Debian distribution can serve the purpose.

2. Enrol in some courses:There are various Linux courses available, both online and offline. You can go for online courses like LFS101x, LFS201 etc. to comprehend Linux. If you want a hand on experience there are many Linux courses like Red Hat Administration Training and more which will also help you to get certification. These courses makes you versed with various techniques and tools used to work with ease in Linux environment.

3. Practice makes you perfect: It is only practice and practice which can make more familiar with Linux working condition. With the hand on experience in installing and other detailing through the courses, go on performing the tasks again and again. This will polish your skills and make you a knowledgeable. You should go on with all practical things like installing packages and similar things. Try out some fun things like simple games on Linux.

4. Certification is always preferable: After getting enrolled for courses related Linux admin training, it is the appropriate time to take up exams and become a certified Linux Professional. This certification will definitely prove your credibility and can be authenticated.

5. Learning the documentation: Linux’s documentation is what can come to your rescue when in crisis at any juncture of your career. So it is always good to be are familiar with this manual.

Just follow the guidelines and be successful!

RIP Windows Phone 8.1: Microsoft Has Officially Ended Support For Its Blue-Eyed Mobile OS

RIP Windows Phone 8.1: Microsoft Has Officially Ended Support For Its Blue-Eyed Mobile OS
A drab chapter in the otherwise illustrious story of Microsoft has finally ended. Windows Phone 8.1, arguably one of the most important iterations of Microsoft’s smartphone OS, went silently into the night, when the Redmond-based software giant quietly …
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Orange Movers Miami

Orange Movers Miami Reviews

in North Miami Beach, US

365 NW 170th St

Phone: +1-305-455-7480

Average Rating: (out of 52 reviews)

Abaco Systems announces LynxOS-178 2.2.4 real time operating system for SBC 314 3U VPX single board computer

Abaco Systems announces LynxOS-178 2.2.4 real time operating system for SBC 314 3U VPX single board computer
July 14 2017 — Abaco Systems announced availability of the LynxOS-178 2.2.4 real time operating system from Lynx Software Technologies (formerly LynuxWorks) for Abaco’s DO-254 certifiable SBC 314 3U VPX single board computer (SBC). LynxOS-178 is also …
News story posted on 2017-07-14T17:05:00

10 macOS Tips for New Mac Users

10 macOS Tips for New Mac Users

Getting started on OS X (macOS)? Check out these 10 getting started tips to help get going in the right direction. Read our full post at 9to5Mac:

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