Intermediate WordPress with WP co-founder Mike Little

Intermediate WordPress with WP co-founder Mike Little
This is a two-day course, which runs from Thursday 25th to Friday 26th of January. Starts 10:00am and finishes 4:30pm both days.

Take your WordPress site to the next level!

Over the course of two days you’ll dig deep into theme customisation and learn how to make your site work perfectly on mobile devices. You’ll begin to unleash the full potential of the platform: from search engine optimisation (SEO) to security, caching to e-commerce.

Who is this course for?

The course is aimed at those who’ve already got to grips with WordPress. You don’t need any programming experience, but a little CSS knowledge is useful. If you want to work on an existing WordPress site you are more than welcome, but we will provide a pre-installed site for up to a month for all attendees.

Are you a beginner? Try our Build your first website with WordPress course! Or already an old hand? Try our Advanced WordPress course!

Course Syllabus

This course starts at 10:00am and finishes at 4:30pm. Lunch is served at 12:30pm.

Day one

Introduction To WordPress: What is WordPress? A little history
Recap of the WordPress basics: Posts, pages and all that jazz
Settings in depth: More ways to configure your site
Advanced posts and pages: Featured images, the kitchen sink, paging and more
Exercise: Getting to grips with the WordPress Editor
The Image Editor: Make your own thumbnails
Themes, Widgets and Menus in depth: Learning the building blocks
CSS introduction: An overview and some useful tools
Pulling it all together: Improving the look of your site
Exercise: Customising your theme with CSS

Day two

Security: Hosting, plugins and good habits
Caching: Make your site fly!
Exercise: Security and caching plugins
SEO – an overview: The strange art of Search Engine Optimisation
Anti-spam techniques: Akismet and beyond
Jetpack in depth: Juicy goodness form
Exercise: Getting to know Jetpack
E-commerce – an overview: An intro to selling your stuff
More useful tools and plugins
Question and Answer session with Mike
Please note: This course does not teach WordPress development (PHP coding).

Equipment you’ll need:

Laptop computer with Windows, Linux or OS X installed
Web browser: the latest version of Firefox or Google Chrome
Sample images that you will be able to upload to your website as the course progresses.
An external mouse if you prefer using one.
If you don’t have access to a computer please let us know in advance of the course so we can arrange one for you.


The course is £300 (inclusive of VAT). This covers:

Two days tuition
Lunch and refreshments on both days
An electronic copy of the teaching materials
One month’s free hosting, to test and refine your site (you’re welcome to work on your own site if you prefer)
We have a limited number of bursary places available on this course for a reduced rate of £220. These are open to people who are underemployed, unemployed or full-time students. Please contact us (details below) for more information.

Booking your place

For your convenience, we offer a number of ways to book:
Book via Eventbrite
Invoice or PayPal – by phoning 0161 839 6324 or emailing
Payment by cheque – made out to MadLab CIC, and sent to MadLab 36-40 Edge Street, Manchester M4 1HN
We also accept card payments in person
Please find the link to MadLab’s Cancellation Policy on the event page.

Your Tutor

Mike Little is the co-founder of WordPress. He’s also the founder and CEO of WordPress consultancy, has a portfolio including prominent government sites, is a published author, technical editor and member of the Usability Professionals Association… but let’s face it, we had you at ‘co-founder of WordPress’.
starting on 2018-01-25 10:00:00

36-40 Edge Street
M4 1HN Manchester
United Kingdom

Geeks on Site

Geeks on Site Reviews

in Coral Gables, US

2525 Ponce De Leon

Phone: +1-888-360-4335

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CompTIA A+ Cert Prep Course, Dallas

CompTIA A+ Cert Prep Course, Dallas
A+ from CompTIA is the most recognized and trusted for entry-level service technicians. With this class, you will be prepared to take both the 901 and 902 exams. CompTIA A+ 220-901 covers the fundamentals of computer technology, installation and configuration of PCs, laptops and related hardware, and basic networking.CompTIA A+ 220-902 covers the skills required to install and configure PC operating systems, as well as configuring common features (e.g. network connectivity and email) for mobile operating systems Android and Apple iOS. Course details: InfoCost: $700, includes:Exam vouchers (2) [Savings of $396]CompTIA A+ Exam Prep bookPre-recorded lectures, over 20 hours of tech prep materialLive instructor and tutoring, get 1-on-1 instruction from leading instructorsThis course meets the DoD Directive 8140 requirements. Video Conference Details Will be sent after registration and payment Audience Profile This course is appropriate for individuals seeking an IT career who have 0-2 years of experience.  Certification Prerequisites There is no prerequisite for this certification. Refund Policy 1. There are no refunds.2. If for any reason the course has not been taken, class is cancelled or rescheduled, the payment can be applied towards any future course by I am IT Training. Course Details:
starting on 2018-02-05 10:00:00

Arlington – Online
Arlington – Online
United States

Mobile Operating System Features – CompTIA A+ 220-902 – 2.5

Mobile Operating System Features – CompTIA A+ 220-902 – 2.5

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A+ Training Course Index:
Professor Messer’s Course Notes:
Frequently Asked Questions:
Pop Quiz Books:
Online Practice Quiz:
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Our mobile operating systems and hardware incorporate a number of modern conveniences. In this video, you’ll learn how Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows Mobile takes advantage of different display technologies, location services, calling features, and much more.
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Windows 7 Slower?

There was a recent study done that showed that more than 80% of Windows 7 machines were maxing out available memory having no RAM for other tasks.  While it is much more slimmed down than the previous operating system, Vista, it’s taking quite a bit more resources than what Windows XP uses on a machine.

For some people this can be a huge problem.  If your computer is already using all the available RAM, this means that when you open a up another application that your computer will run extremely slow because there is no power there to actually efficiently open up the application.  It will seem that your new Windows 7 computer is slow.

There are a few options that you have as a user.  The first is to add more RAM to the machine.  This will let you have some extra space so that when you open up another application you will get the snappy performance that you expect out of a modern day computer.

If you don’t want to add more RAM, you still have some options.  The first is to shut off any unnecessary applications that are running.  Many times there will be applications running in the background.  If you go to the task manager, it will show you what is open and how much RAM each program is using.  Turn off the ones that you don’t need and are taking up your computer’s speed.

The second item to consider is to turn off unnecessary desktop effects.  While the themes and effects of Windows 7 look nice, they take up processing power and RAM.  Windows XP can be more efficient this way because it does not have “eye candy” and effects.  Turn these off on your machine if you want quicker speeds to run software and applications.  If it’s a choice between looking nicer or working faster, it’s obvious what most would rather have.

Employee Monitoring Keylogger for Mac OS X

Have you been thinking about monitoring the utilization on your office Mac computers?

Whenever you have employees that need to make use of the computers to complete their jobs, you may have difficulties in finding out what they may be performing. This can be specifically possible if they run Mac computers in their personal offices or delete logs before shutting down the office Mac. In this case, random computer checking and surveillance cameras will fail to complete your monitoring work.

This is a situation businesses face today. Employee monitoring devices have become more attractive, affordable and easy to use. Companies see their value in helping to increase security, improve productivity and reduce employee misbehavior, competitive information leaks and liability risks.

The very best choice is Mac spy software for employee monitoring, such as Aobo Mac Keylogger. Aobo Mac Keylogger runs in stealth mode on the office Mac computers. The Mac Keylogger records all the keystrokes entered, websites visited, chat conversations sent and received and send the logs to you by email or FTP secretly.

For employee computer monitoring on Mac OS X, we suggest that an FTP server be setup on your local network server. Create an FTP account with restricted access and use it as the FTP delivery account for Aobo Mac Keylogger to upload the logs.

Aobo Employee Monitoring Mac Keylogger Key Features

Stealthy and undetectable Monitoring
Record all keystrokes typed on any applications
Record both-side chat history on iChat/AIM/Adium/Skype/MSN
Record website visits on the Mac computers
Record desktop screenshots in a preset interval
Monitor mutiple user accounts on one Mac computer
Secretly send the logs to your email box or FTP server
Password protected of the program
Easy to setup Keylogger for Mac

Aobo Employee Monitoring Mac Keylogger Compatibility

Fully supports Mac OS X 10.4.x, 10.5.x, 10.6.x
Universal build (for both Intel and Power PC)
Supports MacBook/iMac/PowerPC/Macmini

It is essential to understand what your employees are making use of your office computers and Internet service for. Employee monitoring work will examine not only the working status but also the communication situation of your staff. Get motion now!


Kim is willing to share what she believes is excellent and helpful! Keylogger for Mac & Perfect Mac Keylogger

Installing Windows 7 on Kaby Lake, Skylake, Coffee Lake and NVME – LIVE

Installing Windows 7 on Kaby Lake, Skylake, Coffee Lake and NVME – LIVE

Installing Windows 7 on Kabylake, Skylake, Ryzen and NVME and still receive updates from Microsoft! – LIVE

Make new Windows 7 install disc:

Unofficial Patch Unblocks Windows 7 and 8.1 Updates for Kaby Lake, Ryzen:

Unofficial Patch Unblocks Windows 7 and 8.1 Updates for Kaby Lake, Ryzen

Download link:

Installing NVME drivers into Windows 7 install ISO:

For free technical support or build advice, please use the free Facebook fan page and send a direct message to us there. One of our volunteers will work with you for FREE!

Acer Computers With Linux Operating System

Electronic devices can be found all over and one of the most used is the laptop computer. Laptop computers can be found almost everywhere we go people the number of people who use them are numerous. With their help, the work that we have to do is done in a fast and efficient way and we can do it even when we are traveling because of their small sizes and lightweight. The advantages that these devices offer are numerous and that’s why people buy them in large numbers. The companies that manufacture and sell them are also numerous and some of them are very popular throw all over the world. When buying a laptop computer you must know some things at first that are very important. You must first know the activities you will use it at because you can’t buy a gaming laptop computer if you are a person that has to travel often. The characteristics of every laptop are different and you must choose the ones that satisfy your needs the best because everyone of us has different daily needs that are very important.

One of the most popular laptop computer manufacturers is Acer because it manages to build and sell high quality devices that are equipped with the latest technology at affordable prices. This company is being chosen by a large number of people throw out the world because of the many advantages that they offer. When buying a laptop computer, most of them come installed with an operating system and most of them come with Windows Vista. There are many devices that have installed Windows 7 or even Linux. When buying a laptop such as Acer BTP-73E1,  Acer BTP-AQJ1 and Acer BTP-ARJ1, people look at this too because some do not like working with Vista or Linux. All computer users know how to work on a Windows operating system because it is very easy but the ones that know how to work on Linux aren’t many.

Linux is a software that is generally used by the ones that work in different things especially Internet connections and others. Linux software for Acer notebooks can be found on many laptop computers because a large number of them come installed from factory with it. Nowadays we can find more and more people who use Linux on their laptop computers because it offers certain advantages that a Windows operating system can’t.

If you want to install on your laptop this operating system, Linux software for Acer notebooks can be found in numerous places including on the Internet. People can download the software and install it without any kind of problems but the most recommended is to buy the original products from its manufacturer.

All in all, a Linux software for Acer notebooks is being more and more wanted by many people throw out the world because they can work better in it and some advantages that it offers, for some users are a must.

iCloud Basics (for Mac, PC and iOS 11)

iCloud Basics (for Mac, PC and iOS 11)
Learn how to use iCloud, Apple’s flagship software for syncing and backing up your iOS devices. Recommended for users running iOS 9 or iOS 10 on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. New features in iOS 11 and Mac OS 10.12 will be discussed. (Mac users with OS X 10.7 – 10.12 and Windows users with Windows 7, 8 and 10 will also glean benefits from this class). Note: iCloud Photos is now a separate class. See schedule for date & time.
starting on 2018-02-01 17:00:00

Charlotte Street Pub
157 Charlotte Street
28801 Asheville
United States

Microsoft Drops Windows 7/8.1 Support for AMD Ryzen & Intel Kaby Lake CPU & Lies About It – BUSTED!

Microsoft Drops Windows 7/8.1 Support for AMD Ryzen & Intel Kaby Lake CPU & Lies About It – BUSTED!

Today Microsoft officially stated that it won’t allow Windows Updates on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 if you have an AMD Ryzen or Intel Kaby Lake or newer CPU. They claim the dropped support is for stability and reliability but I cut through the crap as an ex-Microsoft employee and tell you why they are really doing it. Comes down to Windows 10 market share and spying, plain and simple.

** UPDATE 4/19/17 **
Looks like I’m proven right by this article that shows a user made patch that allows the updates you wouldn’t get to install on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 and they work just fine proving that Microsoft is a LIAR!

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