Eldora Gold Resources Set to Showcase GravSep? at Upcoming PDAC Conference in Canada


(Toronto) – Held annually in Toronto, the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) produces the world’s leading convention and trade show for the mineral exploration industry. Eldora Gold is pleased to announce it will be participating in the Prospectors Tent at PDAC 2011, excited to showcase both GravSep™ and early results from the Kirkland Lake project.  The PDAC Trade Show attracts 22,000 delegates from 118 countries, and features 400 exhibitors showcasing the latest technologies, products, services and mining jurisdictions to the global mining industry.

The sold out Trade Show, appeals to critical decision-makers within companies, organizations and governments, and provides Eldora Gold an excellent forum to renew international acquaintances and introduce GravSep™ to possible strategic partners.  Also joining these decision makers are consultants, exploration managers and development professionals, geoscientists, prospectors, mining service sector representatives and mining media from around the globe.

To promote the company, target potential clients and foster new business opportunities, Eldora Gold will operate Booth 3207, March 6-9 2011.  Eldora Gold has developed and is offering a physical separation process, called GravSep™, for extracting mineral content from tailings.

Upon conducting sample testing and evaluating those results, Eldora Gold’s Tailings Processing division intends to set up a milling operation on its first prioritized tailings disposal site in Kirkland Lake.  Extracted concentrates will contain the majority of the minerals with recoverable metallic values residing in the tailings, which coincidentally are the minerals responsible for the adverse environmental consequences of the original tailings’ disposal.

Profitably addressing the critical clean-up challenges that face owners of former mining sites globally, the chemical-free GravSep™ process enables niche deposits to be considered for successful treatment and rehabilitation, while extracting and recovering valuable mineral concentrates which have significant deleterious environmental effects when left in-situ.  Eldora Gold provides portable and simple to maintain equipment that can be specifically tailored to each deposit.

Tailings have always been an unwanted byproduct of mining from an environmental standpoint, greatly affecting wildlife and water tables for years to come.  GravSep™ drastically reduces the acid forming mineral content of these tailings during the mineral extraction process.  The result is cleaner tailings. The profitable sale of the recovered mineral concentrate provides the incentive to use Eldora Gold technology to stop the destruction of the environment.


Eldora Gold Resources Canada was founded by a group of experts in the mineral recovery and mining industry, whose focus is to provide accurate information, state of the art equipment and outstanding customer service. Eldora Gold has developed and is offering a proprietary separation technique for extracting mineral content from mining tailings.

Your Small Business Needs Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing, or any form of online marketing for that matter, has pros and cons just like your traditional avenues for marketing. Inbound marketing takes considerable time and on most instances the leads do not generate over night. The biggest pro of inbound marketing however, is that your leads are pre-qualified. Almost 100% of your leads will be people looking for a particular product or service and by searching Google or other search engines, your name, website, product or service has the potential to show up in rankings. What does this mean? When you allow people to choose you or your business you become more than just a provider you become a source of knowledge or expertise in your field. Let’s give you an example of how this could work in real life. You blog about fashion design and because you own a boutique you are very knowledgeable about fashion. Since you have been blogging about fashion and have used several relevant terms to people searching for fashion tips, hot trends or local clothing, you begin to climb in organic search rankings. Emails and phone calls begin to trickle in (inbound) from people asking about your store and clothing. Since they have taken the time to search and find numerous articles you have written about fashion and clothing you stock in your store, people begin to visit your store or website looking for the hottest outfits. Why? Because they know your store carries certain brands due to in the inbound marketing efforts of blogging about those brands. This happens all over the world and can be used for any product or service. When you are able to provide valuable content and cast your pole in the consumer pond, your business is extending its hand to those that are in need of your product or service. You’re generating exposure through inbound marketing efforts to do the selling for you. Your not picking up the phone to cold call people during dinner. When you give your customers the opportunity to find you they are not only interested in your product or services but they will also be more willing to open their wallets. One of the biggest cons of internet marketing or inbound marketing is that it takes time. By time I mean months, perhaps longer. It truly depends on how focused your efforts are and how saturated your area of expertise may be with other businesses. There are certainly no shortage of clothing stores so it’s imperative that you separate your store and clothing from the rest. If your clothing is more expensive than the Gap, be prepared to explain to the customer why and what makes your clothing different from the Gap. Internet marketing works the best for niche businesses so giving an explanation on why your clothes or services are more expensive and sometimes declining business is all a part of the process. You don’t need to make every sale for every customer that contacts; in fact I would recommend saying no every so often if you feel the customer does not believe in your businesses services. The companies that are able to bridge the communication gap between consumers and providers are the companies that succeed. Eventually you will find out that it will become necessary to implement some form of inbound marketing to cast your business pole.

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Advanced Adwords Workshop

Advanced Adwords Workshop
Tickets: £495 +VAT, includes lunch and refreshments. In this one day workshop we will systematically work our way through how you can develop and execute an advanced PPC strategy that will drive results for the businesses you are marketing. Google AdWords is one of the most frequently updated paid media platforms with hundreds of changes being rolled out each year. Unless you are working in it every single day, it is near on impossible to keep up. We have an action packed agenda that includes some hands-on activities where we get under the bonnet of AdWords campaigns, reviewing your own accounts as well as implementing some of the features we cover. Prior to the course, you will be sent a survey to find out more about the level of your knowledge and this will also give you the opportunity to request sessions to be included within the course material which I will try and accommodate as much as possible. In short, we will aim to cover: Developing your PPC Strategy Translating business objectives into measurable goals AdWords vs Analytics Data; what are the differences Attribution: analysing conversion paths Bidding strategies Keyword and Competitor research o   SEMrush o   Auction Insights o   Bing Ads Intelligence Landing page best practice Measuring seasonal and regional search habits Campaign Structure, Setup and Optimisation Finding the best structure for you Strategies to improve campaign targeting Using AdWords extensions to improve campaign performance Quality Score tracking, improving and reporting AdWords Report Builder Advanced Features and Reporting Countdown Ads Dynamic Search Ads Remarketing Strategies for Search (RLSA) Customer Match Similar Audiences Demographics for Search Ads (DFSA) Google Data Studio WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR? If you have only just started out in PPC, this might not be the right course for you. You need to be able to understand how to navigate around the platform confidently and have setup and run PPC campaigns in the past. Ideally if you have been doing PPC for at least a year and under 3 years, you should get a lot out of the day. If you have been working in PPC since AdWords launched, you may not take a huge amount away but it could give you some inspiration on other ways to look at managing an account. WHAT YOU WILL NEED: The smaller the group, the more interactive the day will be but regardless of group size, you will need your laptop will full access to an AdWords Account and linked Google Analytics account. There should also be time at the end for live Q&A so come loaded with questions that you want answers to. ABOUT THE TRAINER: Samantha Noble Samantha Noble is the Founder of Biddable Moments, an agency dedicated to Paid Media and audience development helping clients increase their revenues through PPC. She recently won the UK Search Personality Award at the UK Search Awards and was also rated one of the top 25 in PPC Heros ‘Most Influential PPC Experts’ list in 2016. Back in 2011, Samantha also founded the Digital Females group which now has in excess of 750 members and has held 16 events to date.
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SEO Powersuite – Website Auditor Review & Overview

SEO Powersuite – Website Auditor Review & Overview

In this video I talk about the SEO Powersuite tool and how you can use this tool for auditing websites and fixing them.

This is by far one of my favorite SEO tools and I highly recommend you check it out.

For more details check out this page:

Social Selling – Building a Web 2.0 Sales Force

It’s hard not to see the growth of the social networks taking over the internet these days right? The web 2.0 world has grown at a fast rate and many companies are figuring out how they can benefit from these networks. The web 2.0 has been way over used some would say but a major lack is companies not building more sales opportunities from it. Many have been slow to pick up on this, so here are a few keys to building a sales process in the Web 2.0 world.

The major definition of Web 2.0 is the rise of the social Web. People are connecting an communicating more than ever on the Internet. Long gone are the days of one-way websites and brochure-ware brands. The new Web has people commenting, interacting, friending, following, Tweeting, and getting involved with the products and services they want to buy.

Keys to Building your Sales Process and getting involved with your customers!


What makes social networks valuable are the people. You need to find them and build your audience. Its important to build an audience that is relevant to your business. Fortunately, most social media makes this prerequisite a snap. They are designed to get you connected with relevant people. Here are a few key steps to attracting an initial following:

* Complete your profile–this is how people find old classmates, expertise, and friends
* Add what your do–this is a tactful way of selling your services
* Don’t forget the picture–helps feel more connected or confirm they have the right person
* Tell your friends, co-workers, and clients–they make a great foundation and referrals

These are four simple steps that you can take to easily attract a loyal following of several hundred folks, and the social proofing you will need to get to an audience of thousands.


Listening is probably one of the most profitable actions you can take in social selling. Consumers are telling you what they want, expect, and how to close their deal. You just have to be listening for the ques, the invitation to call upon them, the opportunity to help.

In order to do this efficiently you need to set-up a listening post. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, but I have found the best way is with TweetDeck or TweetGrid. The tool is really less important but keep your focus on the words (keywords) that people use to talk about the needs and wants that you can help with.


Joining the conversation is the popular movement of the social media world. Getting in the conversation is how you build a strong audience. With the growing importance of Web Search, Social Media search is becoming just as key to building that audience.

Every input into your social network–every tweet, every wall post, every Flickr picture–becomes searchable content. The more compelling that content the more people will be attracted to your audience.

Your conversations will help build relationships, trust, and credibility these all being the elements of a good sale.

Play-Have Fun

This is the one element many first time social sellers leave out…Play! No one likes to deal with a person who is always business. Your social network wants to know who you are and what makes you laugh. People like to do business with people like themselves.

So, if you are in to music, sports, movies, whatever the interest let people know. You will attract an audience of people that like you and that always makes it easier to do business.

Increase your sales performance with Lead Management Software and start converting more leads. Learn the keys to connecting with more customers with Social Selling.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Product Description
Do You Want To Learn How To Earn An Extra $5k A Month? Do you want to be financially free? Do you want to know the advanced strategies to making six figures a year from a computer? Are you working your 9-5 job? When you read Affiliate Marketing: The Online Marketing Blueprint for Internet Marketing, your marketing skills will vastly improve each day! You will discover everything you need to know about affiliate marketing! This book breaks training down into easy-to-understand modules. It starts from the very beginning of affiliate marketing, so you can get great results – even as a beginner!

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    Marketing Coordinator

    Marketing Coordinator

    SEO knowledge and experience. SEO optimization of blog posting and content pages on site. The mission of the Novak Team is to provide the premier customer…

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    What is Data Intelligence? A Kibi Intro

    What is Data Intelligence? A Kibi Intro

    A quick intro to Kibi. Kibi combines search, dashboards, graph/link analysis and introduces a never before available semantic drilldown ability: the “Set to Set” navigation.

    Kibi is in production in sectors ranging from Law Enforcement, to Financial, IOT, Cybersecurity, Public Sector, Life Science, Health Care and more.

    WHAT is Affiliate Marketing and HOW Does it Work? For Beginners!

    WHAT is Affiliate Marketing and HOW Does it Work? For Beginners!

    In this free tutorial video for beginners, I explain what Affiliate Marketing is and how it actually works!

    I spent a lot of time on this video so please THUMBS UP and COMMENT if you found it helpful 🙂

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    Affiliate marketing is a fantastic opportunity for people looking to work from home and make money online through passive income. I strongly believe that affiliate marketing is the BEST online business to start for anyone, due to minimal to no investment and unlimited upside and earning potential.


    Add A Touch Of Elegance To Your Persona

    The aura of your personality is radiated through your looks and your attires play a key role in boosting your looks. Moreover, your dress should match the situations as well. You wouldn’t get noticed if you are not dressed up according to the occasion. Men should take much care in selecting their attire and if they are preparing for a special occasion, a tuxedo would be the best choice to draw attention.

    It is very important that what you wear enhance your style and personality, as dressing determine mans impression. When you meet someone first time, your dressing plays an important role in making impression. You can dress according to time and events. It is vital to make a “good” and strong first impression.

    It is easier to make a great first impression with your appearance and then follow up by showing what a capable, impressive and trustworthy person you are, with a winning performance. The clothing we choose makes a significant impact. This is such an important area, and in which we can build the greatest impression. What you wear makes a difference in how you influence the world.

    Suits for Formal Occasions:
    A tuxedo should be an indispensable item in your wardrobe. Often it is known as a garment which is worn at formal occasions. Whether it is a business meet or a marriage function, your best looks can be brought out by wearing a tuxedo. Wearing it would make you look majestic. Basically tuxedo is a formal or semi-formal suit of black color which is accompanied by a bow tie. They are usually made of wool or polyester.

    There are a wide variety of tuxes and tuxedo accessories available. But selecting the right tuxedo depends on the nature and formality of the occasion. In addition, you must also consider the time of the event that you are attending. Formal black tuxedos are usually worn during events in the evening. For day time wear, tuxedos generally called as Cutaway coats which are in dark grey shades are preferred. Tuxedos with tail are usually worn for formal and evening events.

    Single and double breasted tuxedos:
    Tuxedos are available in single and double breasted patterns. Selecting the pattern would largely depend upon your body type. Trends keep on changing and you must pick the pattern of the season. You can also rent tuxedos if you don’t get enough time to purchase one for an occasion. The rented piece should fit you properly as it would be of a general size. There are also options to alter them. Further, you can enhance your look by wearing accessories like shoes, cuff-links and waist coats along with your tuxedo.

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