AI/Machine Learning Is Taking Over the World. Here’s How To Win and Not Get Shredded with Nir Kaldero

AI/Machine Learning Is Taking Over the World. Here’s How To Win and Not Get Shredded with Nir Kaldero
About this session: AI/Machine Learning Is Taking Over the World. Here’s How To Win and Not Get Shredded  Featuring:  Nir Kaldero, Director of Data Science for Galvanize We are in the midst of the very beginnings of a new industrial revolution — the Cognitive Revolution. Technology teams and companies that understand the power and opportunity of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and build their organizations around it, will survive and win. Those who don’t, are predicted to get shredded. In this session, we present compelling case studies from companies with whom we have worked and advised, who have successfully reshaped their organization to be a data-driven organization in this new era. In this session, we will offer a framework and tools so that you and your team can avoid common mistakes and be in a better position to adapt to the Cognitive Revolution. . Speaker: Nir Kaldero, Director of Data Science, Head of Galvanize Experts at Galvanize is a tremendous and sought after speaker.  He recently spoke at TechCrunch Disrupt to a sold out crowd and is going to be joining us in Boulder for the Roundtable. Abstract of his talk can be found below, please let me know if you are interested and still have space – I think it would be really well received! About our Sponsor Galvanize is the premiere dynamic learning community for technology. With campuses located in booming technology sectors throughout the country, Galvanize provides a community for each the following: Education – part-time and full-time training in web development, data science, and data engineering Workspace – whether you’re a freelancer, startup, or established business, we provide beautiful spaces with a community dedicated to support your company’s growth Networking – events in the tech industry happen constantly in our campuses, ranging from popular Meetups to multi-day international conferences To learn more about Galvanize, visit
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Phenomenal Dynamism Of Testing As A Service

Cloud computing is opening up new vistas of opportunity for testing. Testing has traditionally been viewed as a necessary evil because it required a huge, dedicated infrastructure and resources that were used sporadically. Further, business applications are growing in complexity, making it difficult for organizations to build and maintain in-house testing facilities that mimic real-time environments Testing as a Service (TaaS) is an outsourcing model in which testing activities associated with some of an organization’s business activities are performed by a service provider rather than employees. . In broad strokes, technological virtualization has met base-level operational and financial objectives by eliminating the need for intensive capital investments. However, given the requisite set-up costs, many pioneering companies have yet to achieve the operational flexibility and scalability required to deliver on initial ROI forecasts.

Software testing services should at automating the provisioning of test services, including hosting of the application under test, on a cloud-based platform and combined our relevant testing expertise, capabilities, market leading and open source test tools, and specialized testing learning into a single end-to-end testing service TaaS spans all aspects of testing, from functional, automation, performance, infrastructure, and security testing to a fully managed testing service operated on SLA’s and KPI’s. And it accommodates custom, enterprise, business and mobile applications. Responsive and agile mindset must provide a focused “will succeed” approach to each engagement resulting in customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Testing as a service may involve engaging consultants to help and advice employees or simply outsourcing an area of testing to a service provider. Usually, a company will still do some testing in-house. TaaS is most suitable for specialized testing efforts that don’t require a lot of in-depth knowledge of the design or the system. Services that are well-suited for the TaaS model include automated regression testing, performance testing, security testing, testing of major ERP (enterprise resource planning) software, and monitoring/testing of cloud-based applications. Testing centre of excellence and Test Lab enables us to provide innovative solutions to our customers testing concerns to build a robust Testing Strategy in today’s demanding business environment which prioritizes quality, cost and performance Improve predictability in costs and risks Ensure testing delivers tangible results

Software testing services should offer a comprehensive suite of software testing that spans across consulting, functional, automation, performance and specialized testing. Test process framework, which is a result of diverse experiential knowledge, should provide lead metrics and critical indicators that help in early course correction and proactive decision making thereby resulting in reducing the defects that impact business use of the application and provide a stable application in production significantly improve the quality.

Jessica Brown is an experienced author about the business solutions. She had written number of articles related to testing as a service & software testing services.

The Best Take-A-Part Construction Vehicle Set – Cement Truck Mixer and Front Loader – A Unique and Special Gift – Fun Yet Challenging DIY Toy – Build Lasting Memories – 100% Guaranteed – Ages 3+ Years

The Best Take-A-Part Construction Vehicle Set – Cement Truck Mixer and Front Loader – A Unique and Special Gift – Fun Yet Challenging DIY Toy – Build Lasting Memories – 100% Guaranteed – Ages 3+ Years

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SAP pushes deeper into machine learning:

SAP pushes deeper into machine learning:
05/19 SAP helps companies work better to bring economic prosperity and jobs. SAP is.. 05/19 To hear more about the intelligent future take a look at highlights from Hass.. 05/19 Apple And Adobe: A Perfect Combination 05/19 Apple And Adobe: A Perfect …
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One Coin for All of Your Cards

One Coin for All of Your Cards

Coin – – was featured on Wall Street Journal, The Verge, AllThingsD, Time, NBC, Today Show, CNET, VentureBeat, GigaOm, Entrepreneur, Forbes, ABC News, FastCompany, Engagdet, Inc, Gizmodo, Mashable, BGR, TheNextWeb, PandoDaily, and more!
Costanza Wallet? Load All Your Credit Cards into One Coin Smart Card

Tired of a fat wallet? Coin lets you hold all your cards in a single, connected card

Meet Coin, a startup creating a universal credit card

One Card to Replace them All: Coin. Crowdfunding Now. (Updated)
Video: Forget smartphones and NFC, ‘Coin’ is the future of payments


This Startup Built One Credit Card That Can Store All Your Other Cards That Make Your Wallet Super Thick And Annoying


Coin Wants To Shrink Your Wallet Into A Single Card



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LA Times,0,7540692.story#axzz2kdQDwUjK

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coin bluetooth payment system combines all cards into one

Remove the Labels

WP Central

Made by Sandwich Video starring Adam Lisagor.

The Art Of Building A Vegan Brand

The Art Of Building A Vegan Brand
This will surely be appreciated and bought by the Indian consumer of all age groups as people are now moving from using leather to synthetic & recyclable product … For the sake of fashion, food and luxury, animals are neglected, genetically manipulated …
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Artist John Duckworth addresses climate change with innovative installation

Artist John Duckworth addresses climate change with innovative installation
It has three main components: An audio-centric immersive first phase featuring the famous … The installation depends on custom-made technology, an app designed by Josh Kopecek of the English company Echoes, that uses GPS coordinates to identify …
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Global Information Technology (IT) Market Briefing 2017 – Research and Markets

Global Information Technology (IT) Market Briefing 2017 – Research and Markets
Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Information Technology (IT) Market Global Briefing 2017” report to their offering. The Information Technology Global Market Briefing provides strategists, marketers and senior management with the …
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Falcon 9 Rocket With Dragon Spacecraft Vertical at Launch Complex 39A

Falcon 9 Rocket With Dragon Spacecraft Vertical at Launch Complex 39A
NASA provider SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft are vertical at Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Liftoff of SpaceX’s tenth Commercial Resupply Services cargo mission to the International Space Station is scheduled for 10:01 a.m. EST on Saturday, Feb. 18, 2017. The mission will set a milestone as the first launch from Launch Complex 39A since the space shuttle fleet retired in 2011. It will mark a turning point for Kennedy’s transition to a multi-user spaceport geared to support public and private missions, as well as those conducted in partnership with NASA.

Dragon will carry science research, crew supplies and hardware to the orbiting laboratory in support of the Expedition 50 and 51 crew members. Research highlights aboard Dragon include the Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS), a space-based instrument measuring the amount, rate and energy of lightning as it strikes around the world; the Raven investigation studying a real-time spacecraft navigation system; and the Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment (SAGE) III instrument measuring stratospheric ozone, aerosols, and other trace gases by locking onto the sun or moon and scanning a thin profile of Earth’s atmosphere.

Image Credit: SpaceX

NASA Media Usage Guidelines
By NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center on 2017-02-16 18:35:01

Google I/O 2017 | New features coming to Google Home

Google I/O 2017 | New features coming to Google Home

Google Home is getting even more helpful, with new features like Hands-Free Calling, reminders, and visual responses- all coming soon.

Learn more about our 2017 I/O Announcements:
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