BbWorld 17 Preview: Let eThink Education Do The The Moodling For You

BbWorld 17 Preview: Let eThink Education Do The The Moodling For You
Moodle is the most popular LMS in the world. The open source learning management system is used globally by more schools, colleges, universities and businesses than any other platform. It’s open source nature is one of the reason’s Moodle is so popular.
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Instructional Designer

Instructional Designer

Position Information Recruitment/Posting Title Instructional Designer Department Online and Hybrid Learning Posting Summary Rutgers, The State University

Rutgers University
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Schoology Tutorial

Schoology Tutorial

A brief tutorial for teachers on

lego Chima Scorms Scorpion Stinger

lego Chima Scorms Scorpion Stinger

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Exploring the Impact of ‘Schoology’ on academic achievment levels

Exploring the Impact of ‘Schoology’ on academic achievment levels

Product Description
Reaching an objective has many paths, still one need to thrive to uncover paths which were never approached towards better understanding of optimum tools for delivery and instruction which could institute better learning experience. In this book I have tried to introduce a newly used tool in instruction (LMS) in a UAE public school to measure if that might engage the students better and to check if it has an impact on their engagement and academic levels.

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    The Wonders Of E-Learning

    Everyone is a student, regardless of the age and knowledge acquired. The scope to learn in any environment never diminishes. The present-day students demand more sophisticated pedagogical approaches to learn the mindboggling concepts of several subjects; the best approach is found only when learning is integrated with the marvels of technology. The approach came to be known as e-learning that has several benefits such as:-

    1. The students are able to learn skills that are vital for their survival in the 21st century

    2. Teachers gain a positive mindset toward their work and offer students the opportunity of personalized education

    3. Economically disadvantaged children are benefited in particular

    4. Nations along with the world can experience surging growth

    5. Parental interaction in a child’s education also takes the center stage

    Some other miracles of k12 online education are described below.

    When technology met learning

    1. The effects of integrating technology with learning were tremendous. Whether it is student’s motivation or attendance, every such element was hiked. The potential of online knowledge sessions depends on the design of k12 elearning model and schools’ capacity to implement it. If the model is correctly implemented it would lead to the creation of personalized learning environment.

    2. Research findings have corroborated that an elementary student, once motivated, can learn at a greater pace than an unmotivated one. It has been witnessed that elementary students’ motivation gets propelled once they learn via interactive methods; digital solutions make interactive learning easy.

    3. Unprecedented levels of engagement are witnessed once students start to gain knowledge via online and digitized solutions. Resultantly, such engagements lead to more holistic learning and longer retention when compared with those of traditional students.

    4. The benefits of 1:1 learning are countless. The advent of private tuitions confirmed the authenticity of such benefits; however, the purview of personalized knowledge-gathering was stunted as it was not omnipresent. With the progresses in online learning, the ambit of personalized knowledge sessions has become expansive. The teachers having access to the e-learning technology are able to productively handle each and every student’s individual query, thereby, fostering the personalized approach to learn. The blend of traditional schools and internet technology creates an effective experience for students to learn.

    5. With the advances in e-learning technology, the geographical disparities – existing between students and teachers – were a thing of the past. With so many teachers to connect to, the students are given the opportunity to learn simultaneously from experts.

    6. The flexibility of a digital course ware is incomparable. The digital techniques to learn are greatly benefited from the developments in internet technology. At present, the students can easily access internet and get educated.

    7. If a school has 1:1 computer-student ratio and implements an e-learning module successfully, then it can outperform other competitors academically.

    An online knowledge-gathering module that has SCORM compliance can easily heighten the educational environment of a school. Thus, it will not be hyperbole to state that progress in educational technology is the factor, which contributes in the successful working of schools and other educational institutions.

    We are a e-Learning services provider offers solutions across K12 online education , corporate learning, eBook development, mLearning and other e learning services .

    Lerning Evolution eLearning Overview

    Lerning Evolution eLearning Overview Learning Evolution provides “customized” e-learning and performance support solutions that offers clients and enterprise level, flexible learning management systems (LMS), content management systems (CMS), learning portals (LCMS), and course authoring tool readiness software as a service (SaaS). SCORM and AICC Compliance is built in!

    Chamilo 1.9 Tutorial – Vol 4 – Creating content

    Chamilo 1.9 Tutorial – Vol 4 – Creating content

    In this fourth episode of a 10-videos series, we take a look at the content creation process in Chamilo LMS 1.9: how to create a document, an exercise, a forum and a learning path

    SCORM and LMS

    SCORM and LMS

    SCORM and LMS video presentation

    Using Moodle 3: A Comprehensive Tutorial for Teachers

    Using Moodle 3: A Comprehensive Tutorial for Teachers

    An easy to follow step-by-step faculty tutorial outlining most aspects of how to effectively use Moodle as a teacher. Learn Moodle in an easy way: Concepts based. Easy to understand. Try it now. You will not be disappointed and also spread the word. For more info. visit

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    If you need an excellent theme for your Moodle installation, check out the RemUI theme here: Link

    The tutorial is designed primarily for teachers and covers most aspects of the learning management system from beginner to advanced.
    This tutorial covers the following major areas. Timelines will be posted shortly:

    Getting started with a course in Moodle from scratch.
    Posting the course syllabus in Moodle
    Posting lectures and files for the students in a course in Moodle
    Posting a link to a YouTube video in Moodle
    Hiding and Showing Resources in the course in Moodle
    Configuring the course gradebook in Moodle
    Creating Assignments in Moodle
    Grading assigments in Moodle
    Crating and using forums in Moodle
    Configuring and using quizzes in Moodle
    Configuring custom grading scales in Moodle
    Configuring and using lessons in Moodle
    Contacting the students in a course in Moodle
    Configuring and using live chat in a course in Moodle
    Using BigBlueButton in Moodle
    Configuring Attendance in Moodle
    Taking attendance in a course in Moodle
    Configuring and using groups in Moodle
    Configuring and using rubrics in Moodle
    Using the feedback module in Moodle
    Backing up grades in Moodle
    Enrolling students manually in the course in Moodle
    Importing a course in Moodle.

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