Desktop vs Cloud-Based Authoring Tools: Which Is Most Suitable for the eLearning Industry?

Desktop vs Cloud-Based Authoring Tools: Which Is Most Suitable for the eLearning Industry?
They are not interested in learning about complicated systems and how to use them. SaaS authoring tools are created so that any type of user can easily understand the basics and start using them within few hours. This is very important for both …
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Technical Writer, Prism Analytics

Technical Writer, Prism Analytics

Experience with XML authoring tools. Acquire thorough understanding of our style guide, tools, and processes….

San Mateo, CA

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Customized LMS Online Ideal For Your Organization’s eLearning Needs

What are some factors to take into consideration when designing or adopting LMS online training? The diversity of LMSs on the market means that your organization, with a little planning, should be able to find an LMS customized to fit exactly its needs.

Get some facts straight; what do you want to track–grades, courses, prerequisites, etc.? Do you need the LMS to be standards compliant? (SCORM, IMS, etc.) Think in numbers; how many learners, courses, sessions, administrators are involved?

LMSs are not only aids to face-to-face and virtual training, but are also designed to help organizations meet planning and procedural needs. So in making a decision about which LMS is best, flexibility and self-evaluation are two critical aspects.

The use of an LMS can enhance procedural efficiency within your organization. By getting organized on an LMS, you may realize that some business practices need some polishing or redefining, or that your training program needs revision or revamping.

The second step in getting a handle on the dizzying array of LMS sizes and functions, besides knowing what you want, is to understand exactly what each LMS offers. Each LMS offers slightly different (or very different) features.

Once you’ve found the perfect fit for your organization, make the training program as interactive as you can. Early communication and guidance for elearners is essential, as you have to assume that many have never used an LMS or elearning format before.

Videos, including demos and video tours such as Coggno’s feature tours, are a great way to help students become comfortable with their new elearning environment. If students have had a tour of the course and understand how they will interact with it before they start, they will feel more confident when they do begin working their way through the course.

A fancy tool is only useful when it is being used–and used well. This is to say that your LMS will be of no benefit to your organization if those administering the training and LMS online assignments do not actually have a firm grasp of the system’s features. In order to tap into the vast possibilities your perfect match LMS online training offers, familiarity with its interface and features are necessary–not to mention concrete desired outcomes of your training program.

Build online training courses with Coggno’s LMS Online Training Tools, that are free for the first 5 learners. Visit for more information.

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General Manager-Memphis , TN (Bench)

General Manager-Memphis , TN (Bench)

Must have Big BOX General Management experience or Specialty DM experience. Provides clear expectations and shares rationale behind decisions.Develops Talent –…

Memphis, TN

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Innova X

Innova X Reviews

in Miami, US

244 Biscayne Blvd

Phone: +1-617-817-5995

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Infrastructure Specialist

Infrastructure Specialist

Based on best practices implement IaaS, PaaS and SaaS technologies, cloud management tools, and network virtualization technologies to support initiatives of…

Tennessee Board of Regents
Nashville, TN 37214

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SABA Learning Management System (LMS) Specialist

SABA Learning Management System (LMS) Specialist

Experience with an SABA LMS Required. LJR Solutions is an equal opportunity employer. LJR Solutions, is a management support corporation and we are searching…

LJR Solutions, LLC
Laurel, MD

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FSUS University School Instructor 10 Month – Secondary Social Studies

FSUS University School Instructor 10 Month – Secondary Social Studies

Proof of eligibility for Florida Professional Educator’s Certificate in Social Studies. Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science and proof of eligibility for State…

Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32301

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AuthorITe – (M)SDS Authoring SaaS by Chemwatch

AuthorITe – (M)SDS Authoring SaaS by Chemwatch

Author your MSDS in the Cloud in less than 5 minutes.
AuthorIte (M)SDS are:
Created in less than 5 minutes
Available in 47 Languages
Compliant – Worldwide

AuthorIte comes with:

More than 250,000 fully classified substances
Phrase library of over 25,000 phrases (in 47 languages)
Live-link to Regulatory Database (Galleria Chemica)
C&L – Query the most prevalent classification in the C&L inventory from 3.5 million notifications submitted to ECHA . Automatically add them against your ingredients.
REACH USES – Use the ECHA use descriptor system to identify uses of your product with ease.
Ensurecompliance by communication of uses up and down the supply chain.
Toxicity and Irritation – add your own Tox, Ecotox andIrritation data.
Automatically generate Classifications and M-Factors based on GHS/CLP rules .
All ECHA Dossier data now available to capture newest Classifications
Auto-calculation for Respirators and Glove Selection
DG & UN Number Prediction algorithms
Automatic Update functionality when regulation changes
Optional Emergency Response Service in150 Languages 24/7
AuthorIte links seamlessly to other Chemwatch Modules; you may distribute (M)SDS created in AuthorIte immediately to your Clients using Outback.
(M)SDS AuthoringOver 45 languages availableNo installation or hardware updates requiredTakes less than 5 minutes to create an MSDSERP integration is availableFee is dependent on the number of MSDSProduces fully compliant SDS, world-wideAvailable in the CloudREACh, GHS, CLP, DSD/DPD, KOSHA, WHMIS