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Dokéo : L’Encyclopédie, nouvelle génération

Dokéo : L’Encyclopédie, nouvelle génération


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    Moodle Administration Essentials

    Moodle Administration Essentials

    Product Description

    Learn how to set up, maintain, and support your Moodle site efficiently

    About This Book

    • Authorize and authenticate your Moodle site and learn about permissions and security
    • Brand your Moodle site and manage users, roles, files, and courses
    • Enhance your Moodle site to increase productivity

    Who This Book Is For

    If you are an experienced system administrator and know how to manage servers and set up web environments but now want to explore Moodle, this book is perfect for you. You’ll get to grips with the basics and learn to manage Moodle quickly, focusing on essential tasks. Having prior knowledge of virtual learning environments would be beneficial, but is not mandatory to make the most of this book.

    What You Will Learn

    • Manage user accounts, authenticate users, and control user permissions with roles
    • Enhance your Moodle site with plugins such as activity modules, admin reports, admin tools, and more
    • Brand your Moodle site with configured themes
    • Set up the structure of your site using categories in Moodle
    • Prepare your site for end-of-year rollover
    • Install Moodle on a Linux Server
    • Monitor the usage and performance of your Moodle site

    In Detail

    This book begins with a brief look at Moodle’s background and an examination of its architectural structure and LAMP architecture.

    You’ll learn to create user accounts and understand the methods of authentication based on manual accounts and e-mail-based self-registrations. You’ll then develop the Moodle site structure and course set up, and discover how to edit it through a sample faculty site. Next, you’ll configure two of the standard themes in Moodle and apply them to organizational branding. You’ll also explore how plugins are configured and installed, and learn about backing up, resetting, and restoring Moodle courses.

    Finally, you’ll learn Moodle’s security options, along with performance testing, and how to use the built-in Moodle performance testing script.

    Price: $27.98

      Microsoft Courses – Different Training Options Based On Your Learning Style


      Despite the existence of alternative operating systems, the most widely used software is still software created by Microsoft.  Needless to say, being well-versed and oriented with Microsoft programs ensures that you stay on top of your career, particularly if you have a job where you must use a computer.

      The best way to gain considerable experience and expertise in Word is to undergo a tutorial or course.  Now, there are plenty of avenues where you can obtain Microsoft courses, but you need to find one that provides the best education for you.  Understanding the nature, advantages and disadvantages of each option helps you in making the right decision.

      The first option of course would be do-it-yourself Microsoft training through the use of books.  If you are the type who can easily learn from reading books outside traditional learning environment, then this proves a good method for you.  Reading self-help books is a relatively more affordable option, but may not be effective for some learners.

      The second alternative is computer-based training wherein you gain knowledge about Microsoft programs and get Microsoft support.  This is a compromise between book-based and classroom-based learning in terms of interaction and cost.  With this option, you can enjoy interactive experience with your instructor and even classmates via chat and email.  Often, computer-based training allows you to learn at your own pace and schedule.  You can even skip or repeat certain lessons for better absorption.

      Another option is attending face to face training.  Most people find this the best option as they have more immediate access to their instructors. The presence of classmates and instructor is a good avenue for exchanging ideas. From a business perspective this is good also as a large number of staff can all be trained at the same time.

      So what is the best Microsoft training for you? Consider your learning style and pace, as well as your schedule and budget.  The best option should fit the type of learner that you are.  However, you do not have to confine yourself to a single type of learning option because you can actually do all the three as you deem fit and practical.


      PrecisionPays provides a range of Microsoft courses from beginners to advanced in Sydney, Parramatta, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. For more information on our Microsoft training courses, please visit

      Creating interactive cloud-based lessons | education |

      Creating interactive cloud-based lessons | education |

      Take a tour of ClassFlow, the free tool for delivering interactive lessons on computers and mobile devices. Watch the follow-up movies within this series at

      This specific tutorial is from the Teacher Tips series presented by author Aaron Quigley. These weekly tips help keep educators up to date with the latest educational technology, become more efficient in the classroom, and increase student achievement.

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      Teacher’s Guide to Performance-Based Learning and Assessment

      Teacher’s Guide to Performance-Based Learning and Assessment

      Product Description
      This book describes a Connecticut school district’s approach to teaching and learning that balances basic instruction with performance-based learning and assessment, using tools such as performance tasks, benchmarks, assessment lists, rubrics, and portfolios. Both literal understanding and application are important: Tasks are engaging and are well connected to the content, process skills, and work habits of the K 12 curriculum in many subject areas. Analytical assessment tools foster teacher dialogue, improve communication with students, encourage self-assessment, and help parents support learning. Student performance in the district has improved, as measured by standardized achievement tests, district measures, and the regionwide student portfolio. The authors have included 138 exhibits of performance tasks, assessment lists, rubrics, and samples of student work; 39 figures; a glossary; and 2 indexes.

      Price: $19.95

      • Used Book in Good Condition

      Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Specialist

      Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Specialist

      Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Specialist. Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process by which children and adults develop fundamental emotional…

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      NetSupport School Quickstart Tutorial

      NetSupport School Quickstart Tutorial

      This tutorial covers the basics of NetSupport School to Enable a teacher in the LCFE computer room environment to get going using the classroom management software. It Covers
      Getting the program started.
      Monitoring and managing student computers.
      Locking Screens
      Doing screen demonstrations
      Blocking and monitoring web access
      Filtering Web Access

      What is Social Learning?

      What is Social Learning?

      This is the first video in a three part series exploring the concept of social learning.


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