Cloud Security Architect

Cloud Security Architect

Cloud Security Architect-17000WHQ. You will be a security evangelist helping to create a security mindset across a variety of technology stacks in our cloud…

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Unisex Knee High Long Socks DOCKER LOGO The Whale Cosplay High Long Stockings ZHONGJIAN

Unisex Knee High Long Socks DOCKER LOGO The Whale Cosplay High Long Stockings ZHONGJIAN

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  • Best Medical, Nursing, Travel & Flight Socks,running & Fitness Socks.
  • Fine Socks Are Not Easy To Fall Off.The Line Is Thicker And Helps Protect The Ankle.Heel Three-dimensional Design, Focus On Support, Conducive To The Pace Of Movement.

Succulent “Rose”, Like a Bloom

Succulent “Rose”, Like a Bloom
My favorite plant image from the Getty Center, this is a very large succulent plant in a large landscaping container in the plaza area near the family center. I don’t know what it is but it is NOT an ornamental cauliflower plant. This area of the photo measures about 6" across but I used the macro setting on my camera and a darker exposure setting to counteract the bright daylight. This one looks good large and is my current desktop image.

FYI: I have sent a flickr message out to those members who are contacts of mine and I have not been seeing their photos appear in my Contacts’ page for quite a while. I hope this issue gets REALLY fixed, soon.
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Google Cloud Certification Workshop—Cloud Architect, Toronto

Google Cloud Certification Workshop—Cloud Architect, Toronto
Course 795:Google Cloud Certification Workshop—Cloud Architect (2 days)   This course is designed to help IT professionals prepare for the Google Certified Professional – Cloud Architect Certification Exam. In this course, we review the exam guidelines, product strategies for the major Google Cloud Platform services, and other related topics covered by the exam. We examine concepts related to Site Reliability Engineering, and review cloud architectures, implementations, and best practices to solve common problems. This course assumes prior knowledge of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and is not an introduction to GCP. Learning Objectives Prepare for the GCP Cloud Architect certification exam Investigate business cases, cost optimization, and product strategies for major GCP services Explore Site Reliability Engineering Examine security and compliance concerns in the cloud Analyze GCP best practices and cloud case studies Review cloud architectures and implementations to solve common Who Should Attend IT professionals interested in obtaining the Google Certified Professional – Cloud Architect Certification. Also, architects and consultants who want to learn more about deploying systems that take optimal advantage of the services provided by Google Cloud Platform will benefit from this course. Prerequisites Prior to taking the Google Cloud Architect Certified Professional exam, students should have a minimum of 3 months experience working with Google Cloud Platform. The exam tests one’s understanding of architecting, provisioning, and managing secure and reliable business solutions that leverage Google Cloud Platform. Exam Prep Included with this course are sample quizzes and numerous case study examples that will help you both prepare for the exam, and have a greater level of understanding of how to architect systems on Google Cloud Platform. Outline   Module 1: Cloud Architect Certification Overview  Module 2: Realizing a Cloud Strategy Making the business case for moving to the cloud Measuring the success of cloud projects Architecting cloud applications to optimize high availability, scalability, security, disaster recovery, and cost Module 3: Cloud Solution Infrastructure   Migrating to the public cloud Deploying applications using Google Cloud infrastructure Setting up networks to control access to our machines and services Automating deployments using Google App Engine Deploying hybrid cloud applications using Container Engine and Kubernetes Building microservices using Google Cloud Functions Module 4: Storage and Big Data Solutions Storing binary data using Cloud Storage Storing relational data with Cloud SQL and Spanner Storing NoSQL data with BigTable and Datastore Warehousing and analyzing data using Google BigQuery Determining the right Google Cloud storage service for various use cases Module 5: Security and Compliance Leveraging what Google provides for securing our applications Assessing the risks of moving to Google Cloud Platform Controlling who has access to your GCP projects with Identity Access Management Securing data stored in GCP Following security best practices in the cloud Module 6: Monitoring in the Cloud Monitoring cloud resources and applications Leveraging Stackdriver monitoring services Module 7: Managing Cloud Applications Deploying applications using Site Reliability Engineering best practices Architecting service-oriented and microservice cloud applications Automating deployments and upgrades using DevOps features built into Google Cloud Platform Analyzing common GCP application design patterns Module 8: Case Studies
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Stratford Ontario – Canada – Fountain Grass – Shakespearean Garden Botanical ~ Heritage

Stratford Ontario – Canada – Fountain Grass – Shakespearean Garden Botanical ~ Heritage
Fountain Grass (Pennisetum), 2-6 ft., many varieties available, ‘Rubrum’ particularly attractive with mahogany blades and rose red nodding inflorescence, summer bloom, winter deciduous full sun to part shade, drought tolerant when established.

Growing in fountain like mounds, these are among the most graceful of ornamental grasses. They have long, narrow leaves and arching stems that bear furry, foxtail-like flower plumes in summer, with bloom often extending into fall. Use them in containers, in perennial or shrub borders, as bank covers.1160
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Converged Infrastructure Solutions for Storage, Networking and Blade Servers

Converged Infrastructure Solutions for Storage, Networking and Blade Servers

At the HP Global Partner Conference, HP announced new HP BladeSystem, HP Networking, and HP Converged Storage solutions. New BladeSystem offerings are designed to improve performance and reducing data center costs. In the storage arena, HP StoreSystem combines HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage and HP StoreOnce Backup systems in a pre-racked configuration. In networking, HP announced a combined wired and wireless networking offering designed to provide seamless support for enterprise BYOD initiatives. I had the chance to talk with Stephen DeWitt, Senior Vice President & General Manager of HP’s Enterprise Group, about the announcements and HP’s Converged Infrastructure strategy.

Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Manager

Staying abreast of product enhancements and roadmaps, and continually integrating into appropriate customer success plans….

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Powerbuilder Web Framework Services

PowerBuilder web framework services benefits the customers who want to web enable their existing PowerBuilder applications. The purpose of this application is to offer PowerBuilder consultants a rich set of foundations for extending their existing PowerBuilder applications to the web. This application is a Sybase Professional Services offering. The framework is basically built on a J2EE 1.3-certified application server. The end-users can derive various advantages from apps. And these are it has the ability to quick-start a web application and reuse existing PowerBuilder codes. Thant means no pain of writing the codes all over again. It ensures higher productivity as the existing PowerBuilder developers can be put to web development with very less training and by utilising an application server the existing technologies can be migrated to the latest Internet technology. You can leverage on existing investments like development skill sets developed Powerbuilder/COM/C/C++ components and at the same time support J2EE component requirement. PowerBuilder Web Framework is also targeted at enterprise customers who have already invested in PowerBuilder and at the same time would like to build a new web application and extend their PowerBuilder applications to the web.The features of PowerBuilder Web Framework are security authentication and authorisation, J2EE security standard conformity, simplified GUI design, custom-made ‘Action Servlet,’ configuration-based HTMLDW, high-performance datawindow memory caching technology, PowerBuilder Servlet ancestor, device/browser detection mechanism, root-context adapter, XML web application configuration, IIS and iPlanet web server redirection, Internet datawindow report server and readymade web application for implementation reference.

Mindfire Solutions is an offshore software development company located in India. It has proven expertise in developing PowerBuilder application services. In order to help you enjoy the benefits of PowerBuilder Web Framework services in the shortest possible time frame and reduced cost, Mindfire’s PowerBuilder consultants are available 24X7 to provide you customized PowerBuilder Solutions.The PowerBuilder development services offered by us are:

PowerBuilder Application Development
PowerBuilder Migration to .Net, Java, Web
PowerBuilder Web Framework Services
Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications
App Development for Mobiles & iPods
PowerBuilder customization services
PowerBuilder Application Support and Maintenance
PowerBuilder Integration services
PowerBuilder Development India Experience

To discuss about more about our services, expertise and how we can help you, please Contact Us at info (at) mindfiresolutions (dot) com or call 1-248-686-1424. We will be glad to share our expertise with you and be glad to be of assistance.

Google Jamboard: One Cool Thing

Google Jamboard: One Cool Thing

Google Jamboard: handy tool or expensive gimmick?

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Cloud Computing And Small Business

First of all, what exactly is cloud computing? To take a broad definition, Cloud computing is the next stage in the Internet’s evolution, providing the means through which everything – from computing power to computing infrastructure, applications, business processes to personal collaboration – can be delivered to you as a service over the web and through a browser, with no server or client software to install. Cloud computing tools are available any time, anywhere, from any device connecting to the Internet. If you send email, have a blog, have ever posted photos online or have searched for information on the internet, then you’re already part the cloud computing movement.

The actual “cloud” in cloud computing can be defined as the set of hardware, networks, services, and interfaces that combine to deliver aspects of computing as a service. Cloud services include the delivery of software, infrastructure, and storage over the Internet, either as separate components or a complete platform, based on user demand. These services are hosted by a third party which means all headaches associated with maintaining on-premise systems are removed. Your provider takes care of it all.

With new technologies making the workforce increasingly mobile and easier to manage, it’s important for small businesses to be able to stay connected at all times, no matter where they are. Cloud computing allows business owners to do just that, saving time and money all while improving productivity, and importantly, remaining competitive. Small businesses need to be available to respond quickly and work together whether in the field, in the office or on the way to work. Cloud computing enables businesses of all sizes to seamlessly stay connected, work remotely and collaborate across different geographies and time zones.

Cloud computing enables employees from being tethered to the office and it enables managers to work with their teams while they’re on the road or working remotely. No more emailing attachments back and forth between users, no more multiple edits and mark-ups, no more having to carry around USB drives with the latest version of documents to access at home and no need to actually go to your office to access a document. And if your computer crashes, you don’t lose all your data and information, you just log in from another computer.Since you can also access your email from the airport or from your smart phone on the train while commuting, you can send and receive your fax also. All these things mean a lot when you’re working at the kind of pace required at a small business.

As a small business manager, these new online tools can make life easier for you and your employees, and enable your workforce to be mobile, seamlessly connected and flexible. Cloud computing helps multi-tasking business owners transfer their efforts from IT maintenance to the areas where their true expertise lies; making their business more profitable and, by extension, making their lives more enjoyable.

Cloud computing can completely transform the way companies use technology to service customers, partners, and suppliers. Some businesses, such as Google and Amazon, already have most of their IT resources in the cloud. They have found that it can eliminate many of the complex constraints from the traditional computing environment, including space, time, power, and cost. And really, what business, regardless of size or type, wouldn’t want to save time and resources on those aspects of business?

As we charge forward in this new age of computing, what’s clear is that our lives as consumers, as business people, and as citizens are already changing. The cloud makes it inexpensive and easy to collaborate and share information, wherever you and your employees are.

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