Actual clouds – 115/366

Actual clouds – 115/366
For the last few years, the media (and companies) have been abusing the term cloud to refer to the internet.

Today, Google has anounced its storage "in the cloud". I really hate that term, unless they have the data warehouses in Laputa.
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Google Cash Sniper Review

If you are reading this article then odds are you have already heard of Google Cash Sniper. In addition you are probably avidly trying to pursue at a minimum part time employment in online marketing. Online marketing is a fierce and competitive world inside the cloud that is the internet. There are many wrong turns and dangerous paths that you can go down. You think your reading about something helpful which leads you from one link to the next until you have so many tabbed windows open that you forgot why you even began searching on the internet to begin with.

Once you start down the quest of pursuing knowledge in online marketing and looking for the real answer by time you even get close to it you have you given out your email to more and more opt in boxes that you start to think you should have set up a separate email just for this quest of knowledge.

As someone who has stumbled down this journey of trying to acquire useful knowledge amidst dozens of sales pitches trust me when I tell you that I finally have stumbled upon a tool that will prove useful in my search of how to successfully make money online.

Google Cash Sniper is vastly different that other programs I have for one main reason and that it fills in all the gaps. Who has bought a system or e-book that seems like it is telling you everything that you wanted to learn and then it gets to a key point and they just brush over it.

Leaves you wishing they would have covered the topic in much more detail, but by time you look back at your email you have a sales pitch waiting for a product to fill the gap from the individual who you bought the first product from.

Maybe that’s just my experience. Maybe yours has been paved with Benjamens from the beginning. I hope you have been that fortunate, but in case you haven’t Google Cash Sniper is going to be released to the masses on 7 July.

Chris Fox’s Google Cash Sniper is the most all inclusive tool that I have come across in my pursuit of useful knowledge in online marketing. It comes complete with 6 modules that will continually be updated as Chris figures out new techniques to make money.

If you want more details about the Cash Sniper then check out this blog for a breakdown of whats in every module of Google Cash Sniper

Red-hot Series Of New Era Hat

Recently, the branch of the famous cap manufacturer monster energy hats in Japan, EK by New Era, has launched its new cap for the spring and summer in 2010.

In this time, the hat style changes the old New Era Hat image and breaks sport sense, at the same time, it gives people a gentlemen style. Unlike the traditional flat rim hats series, products of EK by New Era series emphasizes on the leisure characteristics. Straw hats released under this EK by New Era for spring and summer of 2010 highlight low weight as well as ventilation and sense of casualty is also what it is assigned for.

Hand-woven material is more suitable for wearing in summer. nfl hats The colorful strip on the hat is very fashionable. This series of hats provide three colors-golden, black and khaki for people to chose. There are different ribbons designs and unique small New Era’s LOGO design on it. People who do not like smooth brim hat can try this new style hat.

The leader of the dungarees Dickies has also begun to extend its goods to other areas step by step. Recently, it has cooperated with New Era. He released two new styles, one was 59 FIFTY and the other is WM-01. the texture of them kept the characteristics of delicate details.

In 2008, the Stussy, cooperated with the New Era, launched a kind of bowler which is quiet gentleman with khaki checked material. The logo of Stussy and New Era can be seen on the sides of hats. People have few opportunities to see so good products. According to normal sense, Stussy and New Era Hats will cooperate to bring out baseball hat instead of this kind of hat. If you have the opportunity to buy to the cap, do not hesitate.

Fashionable brand Stussy has always been leading the trend in street culture, sports and music field. Thus, it is not subject to a single group. It devotes to the sports industry of skateboarding, BMX, surfing and other extreme sports. And it also devotes to the music industry of Hip-Hop,Punk and so on. It has firmed its status with the various developments. The cooperation of Stussy and the famous brand New Era kept the style of 59 Fifty flat cap. They employ the color of aqua-blue as the background color with the printed word of “Hawaii”. Inside the hats are the beautiful patterns, which display the novelty of the hats.

59 Fifty series of New York pigeon flat rim hat is released by cooperation of Staple, an outstanding Chinese ethnic designer and New Era. Peace pigeon designed by Staple has become a classic pattern. Staple and New Era embroid the classic pigeon in right front of hat in six colors. There are a lot of cooperation histories about New Era with other brands if you recall carefully.

Error 3403 in SQL Server

A SQL Server database is comprised of two basic components, viz. data files and transaction logs. A transaction log file is the one which records uncommitted transactions of database. If due to any reason, SQL service shuts down unexpectedly, the next time when you restart the server, it analyzes all the transaction log files and if not committed, it rolls back all the changes that have been performed as the part of such transactions. But sometimes, this recovery procedure fails to end successfully and database remains in corrupted state. Such situations require you to restore from the last good backup. However, if no backup is available or is damaged, you should use SQL applications.

You might encounter the below error message with your SQL Server database:

Error 3403, Severity 22
During recovery initialization, page %ld was encountered. This page belongs to object %ld, not the log


After the SQL crash, SQL Server automatically tries to recover. While it occurs, it scans the complete transaction log till the last page. If it finds a page, which is allocated to syslogs but the object ID on the page header doesn’t match with that of syslogs, it displays error 3403 and recovery fails. It occurs because of following possible reasons:

• A SQL Server problem resulted in a bad write or page allocation
• Allocation page was updated and SQL Server went down before the transaction log page could be written. So, when later SQL database rebuilt itself, it did it without transaction log pages being cleared, while the old log entries still exist.


To solve such issues, you should apply these methods:

• Check your backup status. If a clean backup exists, drop the damaged database and load it from the backup
• If no valid backup exists, use commercial SQL recovery applications to repair and restore the database

SQL Repair software are powerful and safe tools that use efficient scanning algorithms to repair a damaged SQL Server database. Such applications feature thorough file scanning, non-destructive design, graphically rich user interface and complete documentation.

Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Recovery is the finest SQL Recovery application that supports SQL Server 2008, 2005 and 2000. It can restore all database objects, including tables, views, stored procedures, rules, defaults, user defined data types and triggers. The software is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and NT. It is a non-destructive tool with intuitive interface.

Naveen Kadian is a self employed Internet entrepreneur and product reviewer. This SQL recovery utility is extremely useful when the database gets corrupted due to internal program errors, hardware malfunctioning, accidental deletion of data and more. This SQL recovery software recovers all types of database components including triggers, tables, stored procedures and more. SQL Repair

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software Engineer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software Engineer

Bring your Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning expertise to Sprint and be a pioneer in developing the future of Mobile Communications….

Overland Park, KS 66210

From Sprint 1 day ago

Video Tour: The SoftLayer Platform

Video Tour: The SoftLayer Platform

Learn more about the SoftLayer platform and tour a SoftLayer data center. For more information on SoftLayer products and services, visit

Focus International ltd. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Focus International ltd. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Focus International Ltd and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, increase ‘fashion houses’ system availability. Focus International upgraded their physical infrastructure to a virtual environment and with the help of HPE,

Windows Azure Platform explained

Windows Azure Platform explained

Windows Azure allows for flexible and scalable online business services to be created and hosted in the Cloud

Circuit – Computer Chip – Cloud Security

Circuit – Computer Chip – Cloud Security
Computer circuit board, computer chip, cloud computer security

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Pro SQL Azure (Expert’s Voice in .NET)

Pro SQL Azure (Expert’s Voice in .NET)

Product Description

SQL Azure represents Microsoft’s cloud-based delivery of its enterprise-caliber, SQL Server database management system (formerly under the code name “Oslo”). Pro SQL Azure introduces you to this new platform, showing you how to program and administer it in a variety of cloud computing scenarios. You’ll learn to program SQL Azure from Silverlight, ASP.NET, WinForms, and from SQL Reporting Services. You’ll also understand how to manage the platform by planning for scalability, troubleshooting performance issues, and implementing strong security.

  • Shows how to use SQL Azure from Silverlight, ASP.NET, and more
  • Covers management, scalability, and troubleshooting
  • Addresses the all-important issue of securing your data

Price: $27.99

  • Used Book in Good Condition