Gamify: How Gamification Motivates People to Do Extraordinary Things

Gamify: How Gamification Motivates People to Do Extraordinary Things

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Organizations are facing an engagement crisis.  Regardless if they are customers, employees, patients, students, citizens, stakeholders, organizations struggle to meaningfully engage their key constituent groups who have a precious and limited resource: their time. Not surprisingly, these stakeholders have developed deflector shields to protect themselves. Only a privileged few organizations are allowed to penetrate the shield, and even less will meaningfully engage. To penetrate the shield, and engage the audience, organizations need an edge. Gamification has emerged as a way to gain that edge and organizations are beginning to see it as a key tool in their digital engagement strategy. While gamification has tremendous potential to break through, most companies will get it wrong. Gartner predicts that by 2014, 80% of current gamified applications will fail to meet business objectives primarily due to poor design.  As a trend, gamification is at the peak of the hype cycle; it has been oversold and it is broadly misunderstood. We are heading for the inevitable fall. Too many organizations have been led to believe that gamification is a magic elixir for indoctrinating the masses and manipulating them to do their bidding. These organizations are mistaking people for puppets, and these transparently cynical efforts are doomed to fail.  This book goes beyond the hype and focuses on the 20% that are getting it right. We have spoken to hundreds of leaders in organizations around the world about their gamification strategies and we have seen some spectacular successes. The book examines some of these successes and identifies the common characteristics of these initiatives to define the solution space for success. It is a guide written for leaders of gamification initiatives to help them avoid the pitfalls and employ the best practices, to ensure they join the 20% that gets it right.  Gamify shows gamification in action: as a powerful approach to engaging and motivating people to achieving their goals, while at the same time achieving organizational objectives.  It can be used to motivate people to change behaviors, develop skills, and drive innovation. The sweet spot for gamification objectives is the space where the business objectives and player objectives are aligned. Like two sides of the same coin, player and business goals may outwardly appear different, but they are often the same thing, expressed different ways.  The key to gamification success is to engage people on an emotional level and motivating them to achieve their goals.

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  • Gamify How Gamification Motivates People to Do Extraordinary Things


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Software Engineering Internship (Summer 2018)

Software Engineering Internship (Summer 2018)

We use Javascript, Bootstrap and AngularJS on the front-end and our databases is comprised of Google BigQuery, MySQL, Redis, Google cloud datastore….

Redwood City, CA

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Top 20 Brawl Players: SSBB Rank 2016-2017

Top 20 Brawl Players: SSBB Rank 2016-2017

The remainder of the Super Smash Brothers Brawl community has come together over the last few months to work towards a more organized scene for SSBB. With that, came the formation of the new SSBB rank panel of top players and community leaders that actively contribute to the Brawl community. Our rankings cover Brawl tournaments from the beginning of 2016 to the end of 2017.

Juice Daily For Health

There are many professionals who strongly feel that juicing raw foods such as fruits and vegetables is the way for an improved and healthier lifestyle. Dr Norman Walker’s example of drinking a couple of glasses of freshly extracted vegetable juice daily, also keeping his body junk-free is a fine example of this. Dr Walker lived a very long life with no disease and had enough energy to work right up to the day of his death. He died peacefully in his sleep at 113 years of age.

The late Dr Bircher-Benner, founder of the famous Bircher-Benner clinic which also centres on the power or raw juice also agreed that raw green juice is one of the most therapeutic substances on earth for the human body.

So including a daily juice can truly benefit your health, mind and body. If you want ‘fast food’ let this be the one. The pure fast food of extracted liquids from fruits and vegetables that will really help your body to gain power rather than block it up. This fast food of living nutrients for the body is abundance with antioxidants, life giving enzymes and many vitamins. Why am I calling juicing fast food – it’s easier and quicker than cooking – just wash your fruits and vegetables, cut it up and put it in your juicer – voila – finished! There are even some juicers on the market today where you don’t even have to cut the fruits up, just stuff them down the chute, nothing could be quicker or easier.

Life today is busy, sometimes more than we would like. There are so many demands on people’s live. The rush and daily grind of a million and one things to do. Coping with jobs, families, rushing the children from one activity to another, various chores, no wonder people are feeling worn out, tired and stressed. Dealing with everything that life throws at you and not feeding yourself properly as well will surely takes its toil.  Eventually you will feel completely run down then your body will be weakened for illness to take control.  So please, help yourself by energising your body and juice daily for health.

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The Planning To Implement Service Management Toolkit

The Planning To Implement Service Management Toolkit
Put together by The Art of Service’s industry experts and providing ready to use documents, this valuable kit takes the reader beyond the theoretical to focus on the real benefits and deliverables of Planning To Implement Service Management and how to apply them successfully within an organization.
…File: ISO 20000 FAQ’s.doc – Summary: ISO 9000 is applied and used by all organisations in different sectors and industries and whilst it has certain attributes and benefits that are valuable to your existing commercial relationship, you should consider whether you wish to have a specific certification for the IT Service Management (ITSM) component of your business.

Ecommerce websites ? Latest trend for shopping

Ecommerce refers to the business done through an electronic media mainly through internet.Ecommerce came in to being with the dot com boom in the last decade.Presently ecommerce has fixed its strong position in the society reflecting every nook and corner.Many companies are adapting different marketing technologies in order to excel in business.Ecommerce is one among them and in fact can be considered as the most successful strategy adopted in the business world.You can hardly find a person without a computer and internet connection now days.The need of computers and internet is very high and it has almost reached the position where it is not possible to move forward without these things.As a result the life became very busy enabling every one to work from where ever they wish.Now people even like to spend their past time in front of internet.Taking this as an advantage, many companies are up with their electronic version of business.
This is done either by creating their company website which is free for every internet user to surf through,by sending emails to all those potential customers for a particular business,by posting various ads in many social networking websites that are used by million every time,and also by the use of various instant messengers.This on other hand has widely opened the scope of every business marketed through internet because of the chance to get noticed by millions of users from around the globe.

Ecommerce is usually done in two ways – business to business ecommerce and business to consumers’ecommerce. Business to business ecommerce is usually limited to few number of people especially who are dealing with same business or are in partner ship with such kind of sales. Business to consumer business is the most common always reaching to all the potential buyers.This can be business partners and also common man.People are finding it easy to shop online rather than going to a retail store. This will definitely help in saving time and also money.Many online businesses are offering various discounts to customers in order to withstand in the highly competitive environments.Free shipping of products is the most common offer you might have come across while shopping online.There are many companies providing space for creating a website thereby leading the role of ecommerce hosting.Many software’s are needed to run the online business successfully especially in order to perform secure payment without causing any leakage to sensitive information.There are many ecommerce solutions which are already bought by various developers include secure encryption,Zen cart features to help the customer in shopping comfortably and so on.This field has already dominated the original retail sector.

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VLC Video Player for iPad and iPhone

There no doubt that the iPad is a great devise for watching movies, but up until now users had been pretty limited as to what they’ve been able to watch on the tablet because Apple limited playback to MP4 files and its proprietary Quick Time format. Any other files, including those encoded with the very popular DivX and AVI formats, had to be converted: a long and cumbersome process that many just couldn’t be bothered with.

The VLC Player from VideoLan has long been the best PC media player out there with its packed feature set and its ability to play just about any file without breaking into a sweat. This week, the official iPad VLC App finally made it through Apple’s approval process thanks to Apple relaxing their previously draconian approval rules.

The media player previously fell foul of the rule which prohibited the release of any app that duplicated a technology already provided by Apple. They also would have gotten knocked back for allowing the playback of video content not bought in the iTunes store.

This turn around by Apple is really a blessing for iPad users because now their very shiny and very expensive gadget can play just about any video file including HD 720p MKR files – that should give the iPad a break from its critics as it begins to evolve at last into a more flexible and useful machine.

Loading movies onto the app is, as you might expect, done through iTunes, but instead of choosing the files in the movies tab, you have to sync the files using the new file transfer feature found in the apps tab when you connect your iPod to your computer. This ensures that the new movie files will only show up in the VLC Media player app instead of the videos folder of the iPad, eliminating any potential for confusion.

Playback is generally very good when playing videos in the AVI or DivX format but some problems do arise with other formats (such as Real Player files and high definition MKV). Common issues are minor annoyances such as a temporary drop in resolution and some much more serious frame rate issues that can make a film unwatchable.

These issues are not deal breakers and should be fixed in future updates that should bring extra functionality such as subtitles and, hopefully, integration with AirPlay when the iPad is finally updated in November.

Current shortcomings aside, the VLC app mainly works and is absolutely free; giving it a big thumbs up from us here at JOE.

5 Easy Steps of Building a Buyer Persona

5 Easy Steps of Building a Buyer Persona

In this bonus video, we discussed the 5 easy to creating a useful buyer persona based on the information we talked about in Lesson 1 of Shaw Academy Digital Marketing course.

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